new ILM book "Sculpting a galaxy"

Discussion in 'General Modeling' started by tobiasrichter, Apr 24, 2006.

  1. tobiasrichter

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  2. fettster

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    i have to have it.

    Could be a scratch building bible
  3. Hotshot

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    Oh * . . . . :love
  4. ralphee

    ralphee Sr Member

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    Im waiting on this one too, my girlfriend had said its my birthday gift seeing as its the same month, im plugging for the hardback but i dont get the price hike. Apparently its coming with additional supplements and maybe some DVD content, but that i think was a rumor, hope not as it would be a lot to pay extra for a hardback lol.
  5. temponaut

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    The previous book, Dresing a Galaxy, was full of special premiums. I'd expect the new release to offer up some tangible goodies, too... :love
  6. ralphee

    ralphee Sr Member

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    I hope so temponaut, quite excited bout this one. I was like a kid at Christmas when i got my Chronicles classic, itll be a builders dream one hopes.
  7. temponaut

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    My hopes are high for this one, too. The description makes it sound like an absolute goldmine of photographs.

    Last year, Sideshow offered Dressing a Galaxy through their site in a special signature edition. I wonder if they'll do the same for Sculpting a Galaxy... and, if so, I wonder whose signature it will be. :confused
  8. Jango_Fett_Jr

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    Sweet. This definitely sounds worth picking up.
  9. Talisen

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    According to that Insight Editions site:

    Hardcover has additional paper model "pop-ups" & laser die-cut plans, deluxe clamshell box with models from all six films; a "make your own" Millennium Falcon model kit. DVD of Star Wars model shop documentaries, Certificate of Authenticity, Signed and Numbered

    - Falcon kit eh?
  10. TFrosst

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    I believe both are hardcover. One is a regular edition ($50) the other a special edition ($295) with all the stuff mentioned by Talisen. It's been on pre-order for quite come time on Amazon
  11. propsculptor

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    THAT Sounds COOL... :D

    <div class='quotetop'>QUOTE(Talisen @ Apr 24 2006, 10:49 AM) [snapback]1232306[/snapback]</div>
  12. Lynn TXP 0369

    Lynn TXP 0369 Sr Member

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    I may have to get that.

    I'm not going to pay $245 for the extra stuff though, $50 is fine with me.

  13. ShowCraft

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    I cant wait till November. I want it NOW.

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