Need Help With Spider-Man Cutting Error

John NotStamos

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So a month ago, I was cutting holes for my Spider-Man mask as an amateur and I cut both eyes too far. I tried hand sewing (Without a machine) and it only fixed the right eye. I was thinking of buying a low quality mask and putting in behind the suit or patching the face shell (black part) with a similair fabric, yet I'm unsure. Any advice or ideas from you guys?



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It looks like battle damage. If you make some pattern on the face shell to look like some kind of armor layer you can say it's intentional. Alternately you could cut the mask off and hem the color to look like it's for a removable mask and by just a mask. Just some thoughts...


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If it were me I would just cut off the mask and go as Peter Parker unmasked.
I don't think you'll be able to seamlessly fix that.
Finding a perfect match for the red will be very, very tough if looking for a replacement mask.


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You're in a tough spot. The suit may be ruined. Try battle damaging the entire thing or cutting off the mask.

Quantum Stan

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Let us see the other side, I have some thoughts but I'd like to see the right eye to decide if my idea will work.
Alternate would be a hard shell mask and use the fabric from that mask to cover the shell. Maybe that's an option.


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Based on the web pattern it looks like you have the mask too high up on your head - on most suits the centre of the webs is right between the eyes so maybe if you pull it down a bit more you can get the lenses to cover the hole better. Although I truly think the only way you can salvage that and use the same mask is to switch to a larger set of frames that will cover it up.
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