Need help with skin texture on small head sculpt


New Member
I have been working on this sculpt for a bit now and have gotten to a point where the skin texture (pores, wrinkles, etc) is the only thing left to do on this. But I am not satisfied with the results. I have been using a fine stipple brush and food wrap but I do not get convincing textures from them. I've seen tutorials on full scale sculpts but have not seen any for small scale sculpts. This sculpt is 1/2 scale.

Too Much Garlic

Master Member
That sculpt looks rather creepy. Cool. :)

In my view it looks pretty decent. Not too exaggerated, which many sculptors seem to do these days. One thing is to study directions and patterns of pores on your own face. It's not just random dots. They change shape, size and direction depending on where on the face they are located. Adding that kind of detail is important to making it look good.

But remember... keep it subtle. It should basically only be hinted at, not overly visible, as that looks really bad.

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