Need help ID'ing Darth Vader helmet


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for my first post here, I'd like to ask for some help identifying this Vader helmet.
I purchased the piece from a private collector who claimed it was made "some time in the 90s".
It has this weird matte dark grey/glossy black color scheme.

The red eyes are just a mod made with some cheap foil inlays.


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From the pictures it looks to be a Don post deluxe or deluxe recast that’s been touched up in a few areas and finished, if you were able to get a few more pictures of it in some more light I think that would help. Also how does the dome and faceplate connect? Is there a ring pvc style ring on the faceplate? Those could help with pin pointing where it’s actually from, but to my eye the nose slots looks to be of don post deluxe/recast deluxe origin.


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possibly a recast of the Rubies statue helmet
Maybe, but as I recall the 1990s commercially sold Vader statue (which was actually for Rubies) helmet dome was a little short and wide; different from the Deluxe and Classic Action. My guess is this is derived from a Don Post Deluxe or Classic Action helmet. The trim on the neck is something I did to mine before I sold it.


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