Need a set of accurate eyes for my Mander P1 Mask..


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I did a search for eyes for my Mander mask and came across a post that mentioned Van Dyke's carrying them for like $25.00 a pair. I called their customer service #, but the lady I spoke with said she knew nothing about them nor had she heard of them. The post was back in Feb 09 so maybe it was just a short time thing. Anyway I am looking for some assistance in locating an "accurate" pair of eyes for my mask.

I'm not sure what size to get either..

Thanks in advance! :D
I was one of the lucky one to get a set from vinmanmac and they are awesome! thankas again bud
several members have goten their eyes from them usruper being one of that lady must be new or she just didn't feel like going thru the trouble of searching.
What size do I need? Also, I called the customer service # when maybe I should have used the order # instead..
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