Limited time offer for therpf members who purchased a copy of my book "Practical Phasers" that contained my early drawings...

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I have decided to offer the SPECIAL EDITION to all of therpf members who purchased my book at a discount rather than offer them the Supplement Edition. NOTE: I will not be offering new P2 Certificates. Your serial numbers will apply to the new version.

P2 Supplement Cover.png

I kept working on my B&W and WMC P2 and P1 drawings. I am preparing a "Special Edition" for the Holiday Season.
As a result I decided to offer a paperback "Supplement Edition" to therpf members who previously purchased (from me on this forum) either a paperback or hardback copy of my book "Practical Phasers: A Guide to Season One Working Hero P2s and P1s" already. (If you would prefer a Hardback version of the supplement instead - that will not be ready until late November - sorry the directors of my company want the Special Edition first.)

"Practical Phasers: Supplement Edition" is here:


1. The total cost including shipping to your mailing address is $10.50. The list price is $12.50. You save $2.00 off the cover price. (The
Shipping & handling and tax are the same.)
2. This book will be printed by Amazon and drop shipped to your mailbox as before.
3. If you want a paper back copy of this Supplement Edition - send $10.50 to my Paypal address:
4. Email me the US Postal service address you want your book mailed to: - - Please write in the subject line "P2
Supplement Book Order" (Thanks)
5. I will email you a tracking number as soon as Amazon gives it to me. Thanks in advance.
IMPORTANT NOTES: I cannot ship outside of the US at this time.
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Hey James - Will there be an updated edition of the whole book available?
Yes, I am working on a revision of the 3rd edition - which will include everything in the original plus all of the new B&W P2 and P1 drawings and the new WMC P2 and P1 drawings and my P2 and P1 rendering sheets (which the drawings come from) and my intermediate dimension sheets. This should be available on Amazon next month. (This 4th printing is what I refer to as the "Special Edition" in the advert.)

The "Supplement Edition" (in advert) is intended for all of the members who purchased my original versions (in paperback and hardback) which have my early drawings. So that they do not have to spend the extra money.
Thanks "sapper36" for the question.

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