Neca "ultimate" Elder

The only part i didnt like was when batman snapped his wristblades off like they were nothing. everything else is cool.

I can't agree more. That part I was a little like... "WTF???". You would think being of off world origin and the Bat being Earthly, the material/metal used by the PRED's would be a lot more dense and stronger than that of Earths.
I guess its more of a cannon thing... like the first AVP movie... celtic preds armor and claws melted from the acid... yet scar's claws and armor didnt... but scar had much longer claws, almost like celtic chose human hunting gear, and scar picked alien hunting gear ? I dunno. And Wolf, he didnt have enough armor on to see if his melted, but after he snapped the inner jaw off the pred alien and acid went all over him... he didnt care...

Whatcha guys think of this ? A friend of mine, mr. Kreg M. Franco made it. He is also the one that originally made the NECA Dutch figure that I based my own Dutch off of.


as usual... superb bro... now im waiting anxiously for my City Hunter, and im very glad u liked the idea of the taller Elder... keep doing this bro, ur really good
In addition to the height tips I'd like to know how you added the laser targeting on Elder's shoulder cannon. It's a shame NECA missed this tiny detail and everyone before and since continue to fowl up on this attention to detail. It looks great. Please share.
The tri laser was pieced together from a small plastic sword handle I had laying around from another figure cut with a flat face, and then 3 holes drilled for the tri laser, painted with a super fine toothpick, and the other side tapered to fit into the crevice of the shoulder caster.

Glad you guys like this Elder, as I've said a million times, I still like him the best.

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