Neca "ultimate" Elder


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Ok, so, with all the Elder repaints, I wanted to do something a little different this time. This Elder Predator has been repainted using reference photos from this site, inspiration from mr Uruk and mr Joe Dunaway, and a lot of time and customizing which ultimately (get it, ultimate elder) ended up here, with a custom elder that now towers the classic p1 body he used to have by a half inch, and the newer predators (city hunter, shaman, boar), by a quarter of an inch... I also removed the blades and chest hose for accuracy, and added the tri laser to his shoulder caster, as well as the guantlet wraps. Oh, and before anyone mentions it, going with the p1 feet was by choice. I know he had the p2 feet in the film, but I prefer the p1's. Enjoy.









Size comparisons (yes, I painted the city hunter also)




I got one of those stretch torture rack things and stretched him out lol... no... I cant tell all my secrets...ha ha

uh ya very nice mods and paint ups, but dude, i hope you're simply building suspence cause that is very un"lair-ish" of you don't cha think? this whole site is people telling their secrets, SO FORK EM!!

come on man it kills me that even in the same line neca has the p1 body shorter than all the rest!! WTF with everyone making p1 the shortest?!?!? (HT,NECA)

anyway, ya, come on dude FORK THINE SECRETS!!!!!!!!!!! i'm usually good at figuring these kinds of things out, but you got me.
Looks CLEAN, very well done. Nice paint application, great job on the eyes.

P2's combi-stick looks like his dong hanging out.
LOL you guys are great... its like a magic trick, once you figure it out, its not fun anymore... i used the same thing to stretch city hunters dong...

well... obviously ur first step is to buy yourselves an elder... and run his dang joints under boiling hot water, and while trying to loosen the joints, push inward toward the pivot point so the post in the arm swivel doesnt snap off... let it sit under the hot water for like a min before you start trying to torque the joints...

Then... while the torso is still hot under water, getcha a spoon... thats right, a spoon... and wedge it between the rounded side of the elders under arms, like where his arm pits are, and pry them out of the torso... heat the rest of the torso up, and remove the armor, and remove the wrist blades, and remove the bottom half (legs and crotch).

Now... you need a city hunter, shaman, or boar torso... thats right... a newer style torso... do the same thing to that one... add the elders arms to that torso and boom. extended elder torso.

great job Cyclone_06! Love the added height! great idea! My elder will stay as is....i have him displayed on a platform for added!

you should to the pred from dead end as well.

Thanks guys... and joe, that coming from you means a lot. I appreciate it. Are you referring to the Big Red predator ?

have you watched the behind the scenes for the making of batman dead end ? pretty interesting. the only part i didnt like was when batman snapped his wristblades off like they were nothing. everything else is cool.

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