Re-evaluating City Hunter

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Hey everyone,

Recently I have re-watched Predator 2 with a completely different mindset. I focused solely on the City Hunters decisions and actions throughout the film. Now I may be reading a little too much into things but I found these points interesting. Also, I was never a fan of the Predator 2 movie, I'd give it a solid 4/10 on the basis that the character design and suits were amazing!

Here is the basic character sheet of the City Hunter:

We know he was a bit of a Hot Shot, Young Predator who did not see a lot of action. He had the necessary weapons at his disposal, a Plasma Caster, Disc, Spear as well as other tools.
In comparison to his other counter parts aboard the ship I would say he was one of the youngest members there. From the get go we see him trying to prove himself (to his superiors/clan).

He was the only Hunter seen on the outside confronting drug cartels (now the reason could have simply been, he's hunting for trophies. In my mind he was more or less eliminating all hostile threats in the city one by one.)

I believe that the City Hunter was a prisoner of his own pride, he attempted to retain Hunter values but was pushed far enough to go against them later on in the film. He notices Leona was pregnant and didn't proceed to harm her. He also confronts Jerry and King Willie 1 v 1 which is by Predator standards honorable. Without the use of dirty tactics. However, as the movie enters its later stages, especially where he is caught of guard and pushed towards the edge that he comes to grips with his own reality and uses more underhanded tricks to defeat his opponents.

The Young Hunter was rather inexperienced when it came with protecting his own territory, he was stationed at the meat chiller area where he was ambushed by the spec ops team. He never planted traps nor did he think of doing so to mark his own territory. When he returned back to his 'base of operations' he was easily ambushed by Spec Ops. He does however defeat them and then enters a scuffle with Harrigan.

At a disadvantage, with the bullet wounds Harrigan Pushes the Hunter even further eventually falling off the side of the roof. Knowing that he was almost defeated the City Hunter activates his count down timer.

It was at that point I realised his inability to defeat his adversary on an even playing field drove him far enough that he would wipe out all the evidence of the Predators existence in the city, killing his comrades in the process and killing thousands of civilians all to preserve his honor.

His comrades by experience knowing there is an elder would know how to clean up a mess. The City Hunter despite having many weapons at his disposal decided to take things a little further. Its cool to see that even a Predator if pushed far enough could potentially go against his hunting party/clan/allies to get the job done to defeat its adversary.

He fell into the old ladies apartment and decided to cauterise his wounds to stop him from bleeding out. It's at this point that he is on the run no longer focusing on Harrigan but to live to fight another day. Of course, if he returned to the ship in his state the other Predator would have viewed it in a variety of ways 1) He ran away from a fight and potentially risked the lives of the clan. 2) They would have valued the fact that there are human adversaries worth hunting. 3) The City Hunter led the spec ops team right to them...

All in all I believe he did what he did to preserve his own pride rather than the interest of his clan. I do believe if Harrigan didn't pursue the city hunter for their final 1 v 1 confrontation that the City Hunter would have been justly executed by his fellow clan members.

What are your thoughts? Have you ever thought of watching a Predator film with another point of view? Note: I have watched Predator 2 around 18 times now.

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The weapons alone were intriguing and far cooler then the average cannon and wrist blades. Don't get me wrong P1 deserves a solid 10 for introducing such an AWESOME creature to sci-fi genre's like ALIEN. P2 showed us the weaponry and the first clan EVER plus an elder leader the inside of there ship there trophy case I mean that alone was a solid 10 to me. Way better then the first one at least by my rating and yes the city PREDATOR was all bout trophies. Taking out fair game everywhere it stalked, still the ending was pretty AWESOME. City PREDATOR did run away but because I think it got scared it had lost all possible advantage trying to kill harrigan. He didn't think harrigan would defeat him.. still he definitely had to do something when they reach the ship I mean what a dishonor for the city PREDATOR to bring a human on board. LOL, he had to fight this showed a sign of REDEMPTION proving his worth to his clan. Win or lose the city PREDATOR had to finish what he started..


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I thought Predators (2010) was the best Predator film but that's just me the stunts, story telling, characters, suits, I own a few of the berserker pieces too were all positives for me.
Moving back to P2:
I ended up believing the weapons he used were not his own and that he ended up taking it from his fellow Hunters aboard the ship.
I believe it was Harrigan who had to finish what the City Hunter started. Were it not for the City Hunters involvement in killing a majority of his friends he wouldn't have tangled with Harrigan in the first place, which led to his eventual death.
He did bring a human on board and rather than face him like a man with no trickery decides to fling the net from the shadows and then remain in the mist before emerging hitting Harrigan and once again catching the cop off guard. If this was the final honorable show down he would have faced his opponent like Jungle Hunter with Arny, Scar with the Alien Queen or Wolf against the Pred Alien.
I don't think there was any redemption to be had after he activated the bomb gauntlet which is known to level entire rain forests or 300 city blocks which will most likely kill his entire clan. His clan were probably aware that he activated his gauntlet due to the fact that he had no arm.

Not only did the P2 lead Harrigan to the space ship but he also alerted the Spec Ops team to track down the whereabouts of the entire clans hide out, being the underground area. In the end we see the ship taking off guess the city was starting to get a little too small for everyone.

In the end my rating of the movie is still a 4/10 it was never a good movie, just a fairly average one with a basic story line that tried to play on the success of the first movie. I think its universally believed that the best thing that came out of the movie were the props and suits.


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The first movie will always be my favorite, being a child of the 70's/80's after all. But, Predators is my 2nd favorite. Predator 2 introduced the Elders and the idea that they have been hunting on Earth for a long time... so it's my 3rd favorite... plus the City Hunter looks awesome! I'm thinking about repainting my mask to match.


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P2 really went to the meat chiller to eat every two days and his home base was the ship itself.

Was he a young hunter out to prove himself or was it just his turn to add to the trophy wall? It's hard to say, but I do believe that he (and his clan) were no way related to the P1 we saw in "The Predator". I say this because of how Stan Winston described creating a new Predator, relating it to the notion that snakes are of different color, size, and even have distinct heads. But, a snake is still a snake is still a snake is still a snake. One thing is really similar among the species, which is: arrogance. Their species, regardless of clan, really humbles the human species and knocks them down a peg or two on the evolutionary food chain.

This, however, is a sequel to the original and is how Keyes knows about the species, his tactics, and some of his weapons. But, he only new a portion of it because (and I theorize) he believed that since they were of the same species, they would be from the same clan/nation. Therefore, he didn't know that only a portion of it was similar and that the fighting style, weapons, etc... changed to fit the situation. They attempted to capture P2 and study him and his weaponry, but didn't understand that his technology was even more advanced than they initially thought.

Changing to fit the situation brings me to my next point and question, how strong would the blast have been if P2 was able to self-destruct? To us, bombs and guns all have different power levels. The bombs we see today have a much stronger blast radius than the ones during WWII. Guns are the same way and I believe the self-destruct would've been the same, too. I don't think the Clan would've left anyone destroy the clan itself. Traditionally, the species would self destruct as it was found unhonorable to be captured or even in defeat. Some cultures on earth followed the same suit: "death before dishonor".

As for the movie, it is a great followup to the original.

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