NECA 1989 Batman Utility Belt

E Williams

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NECA is producing a replica of the 1989 Keaton Batman utility belt. Looks like they had some fun with it and tried to figure out how the rather low-profile and sleek design might incorporate additional gadgets. It has a working buckle and removable gadgets.

It comes with a version of their speargun/grapnel gun that splits into two pieces (so presumably no line/motor as on the original?) and the grip part at least magnetically attaches. One of their batarangs is included and magnetically attaches to the belt as well, though I don't think it's any different from the first release - just checked mine and the magnets inside are already strong enough to stick it to steel surfaces. I also see new replicas of the movie smoke bombs and Batmobile remote.















It's listed for preorder with release in June: (US ONLY) Batman (1989 Film) – Utility Belt Prop Replica Bundle
The paint job is way too yellow and the gold accents are missing, the closing system is not accurate neither the capsules that are a little too bulky but if you can’t / don’t want to spend 300$ in an accurate belt it’s a fantastic set IMO.
This is based on the Batman Visual Dictionary, not the actual movie. The batmobile remote is way, way off. It's a nice collectable, but not a really great prop. Cool for the price though.
Never really considered before how the grapnel probably can’t stick to the belt with the reel side facing out because the folding handle would make it flop down.
It bothers me more than it should that the speaker grille is on the back of the Batmobile communicator remote.
It is accurate to the movie. Strange decision for the prop, tho.
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I was only referring to the grill being on the back side. The interpretation of the rest is interesting.
No light + square grille facing him when he commands the Batmobile outside of Axis:

I'm confident he was holding it backwards in the "Stop" shot for the camera's sake, ala Spock holding his tricorder backward so the "interesting side" faces the audience.

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