1989 Joker Rubik's Cube prop found?

Winged Freak

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Maybe some members here have already identified this but it's kind of a background prop so it doesn't get talked about a lot.

Anyway, I might have found something that showed up briefly on screen at the Joker's headquarters. It's kind of a variation of a Rubik's Cube. The one I bought was described as a 1982 Tomy Megaminx 12 sided twisty puzzle. I have no idea if that is the correct name for this thing. To my eyes this looks like the same puzzle shown in the movie at about 52:51. It's sitting on the Jokers desk on top of some photos and a CIA file on nerve gas. I thought maybe some members here might find it interesting. Sorry for the spotty quality of my photos


I don’t think that’s the correct name for it. Every one I find searching 1982 Tomy Megaminx 12 looks completely different. I’m looking, though. I want one.

Yeah, there are a lot of variations of this kind of puzzle. This version seems to be one of the harder ones to find but I'm sure one will turn up for you. I researched for quite a while and I wasn't able to find conclusively what the name of it was.
Did you search “14 sided Rubik’s Cube”?


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