Limited Run Nazgul Gauntlets - comfortable for long convention-days


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Hey guys,

I'm on a QUEST!
I have been building stuff my entire life and for the last couple of years really gotten into prop-making. Same as many of you, I'm into SciFi- and Fantasy movies, not least the Lord of the Rings - Trilogy. At different occasions I had the chance to meet some of the amazing artists from Weta Workshop, even Richard Taylor himself. They inspire me to "go for the dream"...
I already managed to get myself a New Zealand Working Holiday Visa, but still need some funding, so what better way than to make some props :)

This is where my offer to you comes in:
Starting in 2007, I built several sets of Gauntlets for me and my friends to go with our Nazgul costumes.

They are made from iron-infused fiberglass, build on top of leather gloves.
Have a look at the build-thread!



A little video-demo:

Every now and then someone asked me if these are for sale, so I finally decided to make a run of these.
But first I want to make some new molds.
The original molds are now 7 years old and were basically the first silicone molds I ever they are quite painful to work with. Also on the last pair of Gauntlets, I took some hours to completely refine the entire surface to look much more like actual (rotten) plate metal.
Therefore I want to make new molds and also make little corrections to some parts. These are not critical, but would improve on flexibility and strength.

To come to the point: I'd need to have at least 5 orders, or more to justify the effort.

Kits vs. finished pieces:
I intentionally only wanted to sell finished pieces, because
- these are not that easy to assemble, require a certain sequence and specific templates and tools, some of which I constructed myself to ensure proper function
- without wanting to doubt your ability to assemble these perfectly fine, maybe even better than myself, I feel kinda obliged to make sure that in the end each pair of gauntlets looks and functions the best it could. So I'd love to finish every piece myself, just to make sure ;-) (hey, I'm German...and I believe we invented Quality control ;-) )
- therefore, if I'm selling kits, I'd at least have to make some kind of tutorial/instructions. This would also only justified with a certain number of kits sold.

Now to the interesting part:


  • Finished pair of Gauntlets
(hand laminated fiberglass parts, embedded iron-powder for realistic finish and feel, completely assembled with aged rivets, buckles and straps, mounted on comfortable to wear, real leather gloves, finger plates sewn to straps which are sewn onto the gloves. All aged and weathered and ready to wear)
450€ (565 US$)

  • Kit
18 hand laminated plates (same as above) from mold, 68 finger plates (also hand laminated), rivets, buckles and strap material (leather), leather gloves (with correctly placed mounting holes), hinges​
220€ (280 US$)


60% in advance (of which half is not refundable)
40% + shipping cost before shippment
Paypal preferred
Shipping from Germany via DHL or UPS (If you prefer otherwise, we can talk about it)

Making of new molds: DONE
Shipping as soon as parts are ready. First come, first serve!
Progress updates will be available here, or on my facebook page, or both.

If I forgot anything, or stepped over a line at some point, let me know. This is my first run on theRPF and I'm trying to apply what seems to be standard procedure.

You may contact me via PM on theRPF, or my facebook page

Cheers, SciFiPropFreak
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Aw heck - I'm in for a kit!

Will the kit pieces be pre-weathered-and-aged, or is that part of the assembly process?
Update: First materials arrived at my friends place, where we'll crank out some parts from the old molds for reworking for the new ones.
(I'll not be dismantling my finished pair. The modifications I want to make would ruin those, so I'll make some parts which will be only for making the new molds.)

The chopped strands are for filling some of the structures and the glass fibre tape for reinforcing the joints (where the rivets will go through).
weekend successful!
My friend and I did in 2 days what would have taken me 1 week or more.
Full set of parts made in the old molds and surface completely reworked for a much more realistic "corrupted metal"-look.
I set up a camera to take pictures every few seconds, so I'll try to post a timelapse soon :)
Does the quicker production time mean we get a discount? :p

Joking aside - what is the payment plan? Do you want our deposits ASAP? I got the impression that you were waiting for more folks to sign up before taking money...
Joking aside - what is the payment plan? Do you want our deposits ASAP? I got the impression that you were waiting for more folks to sign up before taking money...
Yes it would be nice to have 1-2 more people joining in, so if you know anyone who might be interested ;-)

I'll send you the payment infos this week. So far I got some leftover materials to work with, but will need to order some additional stuff soon.
Oh dang, I wanna save up for this! I have mutant large hands though. LOL I product of being 6'6" though. I might be better off to supply my own gloves in a kit.
So far the leather gloves (sturdy, but also very flexible) have fitted every kind of hands from very small to big, strong, thick ones. I'm not entirely sure about long fingers, though :confused
Amazing prop!
Want one?? :angel

Currently searching for a new supplier for the leather gloves, since the old one doesn't sell them anymore.
Already found 2 potential ones, which also sell different sizes.
As soon as I decided on one, I'll add the information to the first entry!
Alright, I'm a little behind my schedule right now, but because I have to have some gauntlets finished for HobbitCon, which is at easter, I'm going to speed up the moldmaking/molding.

Anyway, its time to collect the deposits!
Details will come via PM.

More details about the leather-gloves, when I got more information about sizes from the retailers. (found some, which are a bit cheaper, but look very promising. I may order a pair to check for quality)
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