My surprise 8th Doctor Sonic Screwdriver

The Next Doctor

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In my never ending quest to obtain Sonic Screwdrivers, I was thrown a curveball. I bought a Sonic from eBay from a person in Great Britian. I knew it was a solid Sonic so there would be no moving parts, and I fully expected it to be a Baker-esque Sonic. I was suprised when I opened the box and found this.


I knew I had seen this Sonic before, so I consulted the GreatWazoo as I knew he had a resin Sonic in his collection that resembled this one. We came to the conclusion that they are "cousins" but we are unsure which is the original.

Anyway, Wazoo and I concluded that the design is closer to the 8th's Sonic that any other so......

With some paint and pinstriping I present my 8th Doctor Sonic Screwdriver.


So what do you guys think?

The Next Doctor

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I actually removed the gold stripe and painted a copper one in it place this evening. I personally think it looks better this way.

I will most likely strip the paint off of it and redetail it.

The Next Doctor

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Ok, somebody make me stop.

I didn't like the gold stripe so last night I masked it off and painted a bronze one on. Now today I find better striping and I stripped it down again and repainted the bullet and added the new stripe.

I "think" I am finished with it, but I am still not sure.


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