My SS TIE Fighter


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Thanks everybody!
star-art, agreed, trying to copy all the wonkyness of the original ship and getting parts to fit is definitely difficult.

So I was looking at reference picks over the weekend and realized I had missed a detail on the dash panels. Here's the corrected parts.


Before and after.


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Love the commitment to a faithful replica here. The castings look excellent.

And the fact that you have reworked the model to new references is classic!


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Looking good! Just remember that on the filming models those "wing" panels that go on either side are angled back quite a bit more than we see on most replicas.


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Beauty(y) I see that the casting is convex; I never had much luck with those in the past. While the silicone mold is great, it's the pouring of the resin that poses a problem. Any tricks you could recommend?:unsure:

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