My SS TIE Fighter


Sr Member was bugging me that you couldn't see the crease on the front of the dash. So I stripped off all the parts, made the crease more pronounced and reapplied all the parts on the front. It's a subtle difference but I'm much happier with the dash and think it looks more accurate.



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Finally made some more progress. I finished the windscreen! What a fiddly little piece it is. I didn't realize till I started making it, that all the mullions are beveled. It took me two tries to get it right. I could probably do a version 3 if I wanted to make it more accurate but I think I'll stick with V2 for now.
I actually modeled and printed the round bezel, one of the very few printed parts on this model. The rest is all scratch built by hand.


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Very nice swgeek!

Love the vacuum formed piece for the mullions. Ingenious!

And is that T-track on top? I hadn't really noticed this detail before.


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Thanks everybody!

Bjorn Treadwell I figured that's how the ILM guys built their frames back in the day. Yep, T track on the face and it's tiny.

Thanks dirtydave. Almost done on the ball. Still have to make a couple seam cover master patterns and I have a couple more parts to add to the ceiling.

Next, time to finish the wing master...or a seam cover.

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