my screen used car from the m.a.n.t.i.s tv show

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heres my Crysalid from the m.a.n.t.i.s tv show it had dark tinted windows but i left them out so you can see the inside.. would love to have a suit to go with it ..or anything from the show


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MCM you did a fine job of restoring the Mantis prop car. It is indeed a authentic screen used prop and is one of one. I had it for a long spell of time and purchased it direct from a prop wharehouse in Vancouver, BC after it was in a Tim Allen Xmas movie filmed here., also the Mantis show was filmed here to save $$ after being filmed in LA. It was painted red when I got it. There is much more to the story as to why the back end was sliced off etc and there are more Mantis props still at that prop house..last I checked.
Good thing I took molds off it before I let it go on ebay.:)


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There's a screen used suit and helmet for sale right now on, jump quick and finish that display!
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