My Rick O'Connell, The Mummy outfit & Holster pattern

Here are some updated pics from a recent shoot!

Shirt by Egon

Screenshot 2023-05-02 at 10.06.30 PM.png

Screenshot 2023-05-02 at 10.04.54 PM.png

Screenshot 2023-05-02 at 10.04.03 PM.png

Screenshot 2023-05-02 at 10.03.45 PM.png
Wild!! These are awesome.
Thank you!!!
You two look great. I've been following your Anck Su Namun thread - some impressive detective work there (y)

Where did you get the sword? I've got the pistols (well 1 1/2 anyway, I'll finish the other eventually) having the sword too would make a cool set.
Thanks!!! And yeah I've been waaaay too deep on my obsession about replicating her costume, but man is it fun!!!!

And the sword file was my WandererTJ - they have an etsy, but the file isn't up there so shoot them a message! WandererTJ - Etsy

Very well done for sure:cool::cool:(y)(y)
Thank you!!!

So happy to be a small part of this project!
The photos are killer! I know how much work you put into this!
Thanks again, buddy!!!! That shirt is a masterpiece! I love the material and pattern. Really brilliant!

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