the mummy

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  1. peter74

    The mummy (1999) Lion head canopic Jar replica

    Replica of Lion canopic jare seen in the film The Mummy (1999). The measurements are like those of the original vase (21cmx9). Made in resin and hand color with gold leaf finishes.
  2. peter74

    The mummy (1999) - Lion head canopic jar

    Replica of Lion canopic jare seen in the film The Mummy (1999). The measurements are like those of the original vase (21cmx9). Made in resin and hand color with gold leaf finishes.
  3. KillKen

    The Mummy - Book of the Dead

    I'm currently teaching myself Blender and thought I would set myself a goal of making the Book of the dead but as a storage container for my nieces birthday in September as a way of learning Blender and so far have come up with this. The plan is to model the key as well which will flip open and...
  4. Odin82

    The Mummy (1932), Karloff / Ardeth Bey's Dagger (has anyone here tried tackling this prop?)

    I've been meaning to tackle this project for a while, as it seems pretty straightforward and a nice short-term project to use up some of the materials I have laying around, and would go great with the Karloff bust I have and the Scroll of Thoth prop (where there is JamesM242's scroll) and here...
  5. Kevin Mack

    Rick O'Connell, The Mummy (1999) Pants

    I'm putting together a Rick O'Connell costume from the first movie. I've got everything sourced except the pants. I'm think these Magnoli Aviators will do the job, probably in Camel. Anybody have any experience and want to chime in?
  6. RobertMuldoon

    The Mummy (1999) - Original Inspiration for the Key to Hammunaptra

    This is an interesting blog (in Spanish) from Egyptologist Dr Marina Escolano-Poveda: The nutshell version is that the History of Science Museum in Oxford has an octagonal gold box with triangular...
  7. jcporcel

    Building the Book of the Dead from The Mummy (1999)

    The Book of the Dead from The Mummy has been in my to-do-list for a VERY long time but I always thought looked a bit too complicated to make. A couple of months ago someone asked me to make a replica of it so I decided to finally give it a try. In the end I made MANY mistakes, but I ended up...
  8. J

    The Mummy (1999) Rick O'Connell Gun Bag

    hello everyone.. posting for the first time here at RPF... I just watched The Mummy (1999) again after spending a couple of days at Universal Studios after my first time at Comic Con.(this year I went as Nathan Drake from the Uncharted 3 Video game) his gun bag is really amazing and im...
  9. adamata

    Interest Mummy Book of the Dead kit

    I have been thinking about making some kits again, but they are a *lot* of work and take quite a bit of resin. I am trying to gauge some interest. The kit has 33 pieces, including a casting of an open key. The molds are made from original stunt book pieces, so you wont find anything closer to...
  10. E

    The Mummy Returns Nefertiri/Evies Combat mask needed pepakura file

    Hi, i have been looking around on the internet for a paper model to use with pepakura. I love the fight scene between Evie and Anucksunamon and really would like to make Evie's mask, however i cant seem to find a pdo file anywhere. Can anyone help? The first picture is Evie's mask and the last...
  11. captblitzdawg

    I need some ideas for these...

    I have a bunch of these drink trays, and I held onto them thinking they would be a good material to make something from. Problem is, now I can't think of a thing! It has a visual texture like a rough old piece of wood or maybe sandstone. Tactile texture is definitely paper. Any ideas, or...
  12. Mike J.

    Unlimited Run Classic Horror Movies "Classics Scholar" Shirts

    Are you a 'classics scholar?' I bet you ARE and you didn't even know it :) -MJ
  13. RobertMuldoon

    The Mummy (1999) Library Binder

    For some reason there wasn't already a dedicated Mummy Returns thread, that's fixed now :D I picked up a couple of new prop I picked up from the PropStore London, it's one of the box files which you see in the library scene at the start of The Mummy (1999) just before Evy destroys the place...
  14. RobertMuldoon

    Kilij sabre from The Mummy Returns (2001)

    This is a new acquisition to my collection, from the wonderful people at the PropStore London: It's one of the swords used by the Medjai in the big battle against the Anubis warriors at the end of The Mummy Returns (2001). The sword's made of hard foam and has a plastic rod core which pokes...
  15. RobertMuldoon

    The Mummy (1999) 'Found Item' Book

    Near the start of the film Rachel Weisz’s ‘Evelyn Evy Carnahan’ character is reading a book on the river boat, it’s not in frame for very long: Evy carries on reading the book as she gets ready for bed in the next scene, before Carl Chase’s ‘Hook’ Magi character breaks in to her cabin: As...
  16. samura indy

    Weathering Clothing

    Hi guys, Recently I've been working on my Rick O'Connell costume. I'm just wondering if anyone has any tips on weathering the shirt to make it look dirty. I've been looking at fullers earth as one option but has one else got any suggestions?
  17. Caldwell

    Leather Gear

    Hi everyone, I'm new on the forum and was wondering if anybody could help me out. I've been looking around online recently at leather gear, mainly gun holsters and bandoliers like the ones in The Mummy movies and The Wild Bunch. I love the look that leather has, and have been looking at...
  18. GROND29

    GROND29's 2013 Halloween Costume Contest Entry

    Hi everyone, I've been a member here for a while now, but not put up any of my work yet. I thought this Halloween's costume contest would be the perfect time. I'm relatively new to the active costume building/ make-up hobby, but its something I've been passionate about for a long time. For this...
  19. AaronM

    The Mummy - Brendan Fraser - Equipment/Gun Roll Photo ref help please

    Hello all, This is my first or second post after having been a member for years. I'm posting as I'm about to embark on my first replica prop project and need help with photo reference for the equipment/gun roll - duffle bag that Rick O'Connell uses to carry his gear. I'm a novice leather worker...
  20. Henriko2

    Mummy, The (1999)

    I got the map to Hamunaprata(probably bad spelling). I don't think there's much else?

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