My new scout blaster upgrade


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As a follow up to my E-11 upgrade, Ive been working on a scout pistol upgrade. Just got finished with the prototype.

I gutted the Kenner pistol and installed a new sound board, firing LED, and a rockin recoil motor. :D

I want to install a bigger speaker next. The current one is pretty loud but I want it to be as loud as my E-11 upgrade. :eek

I programmed in the normal pistol blaster sound as well as a secret DH17 mode you can fire when you hold down the black fire select button.

And here are a few movies of it in action (10Mb each):

Scout blaster movie #1
Scout blaster movie #2

I was able to get a single red LED in the barrel. It is about as bright as a red laser pointer, but also lights up a pretty large area in front of you.

Let me know what you think...

Immortal Goat

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Do you think it would be possible to install this into a more accurate blaster than the Kenner? or will you be casting your own blasters, possibly with the proper side-button trigger, rather than the Kenner style trigger?


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The Kenner pistol is larger than the original, so it is not super accurate. But it is a great start.

I am not planning on doing my own guns, I just modified this one for a friend. I am sure you could install the guts into a different pistol if it was hollowed out.

If there is some interest I may do a small run of sound modules.....