My halloween monster mask collection


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You have seen a few non star wars posts from me time to time but I dont think I ever shown my mask collection on here. I know this is not really a mask forum but the HMA(Halloween Mask Association) last I logged in was pretty much abandoned );

But I hope some of you enjoy and I hope I get some interest in this thread. My non star wars threads tend to wither away into dust. But I wanted to change it up from time to time and show off my second favorite love, Halloween mask and I have not shown off my collection in a while.

I have too many to individually post so I did group shots. If you want to see any individual masks please let me know.

I own vintage masks from Don Post Studios all the way to Trick or Treat Studios and some independently made masks.



P.S. I had a lot more stands but somehow went missing when my collection was briefly in storage. Now I can't find them at the price I bought them and in the quantity they were stocked.


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Thank you. I've been collecting since 2010 and seen a fee come and go. There are a couple I wished I kept. I'm an idiot for selling my original DPS H3 skull and Night Owl Nightmare Man 78 Returns.

But there are a few I have that I can't even get my self to think about selling like my DPS 1977 Quasimodo from their 1000 line.


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I'll be posting my mask scores here..

TOTS H18 refinished by Chris Morgan. The term rehauled had been used lately but it's incorrect. Nobody is hauling a mask let a lone doing it again!