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Hi! I'm working on a cosplay mask (Scarecrow from DC Comics, to be specific) and it's my first time making one for a project. The design will be loosely based off of the Arkham Knight mask, which I've attached an image of for reference (the credit for which goes to the Prime 1 Studio sculpt of the character).

I've first made a plaster face cast of myself, which was successful, but it's too stiff and bulky to be a wearable base to build upon. I then made a paper mache cast of the plaster, but I'm now concerned that material has the opposite issue, too thin. I'm going to be affixing two 3D printed ventilators to the lower half of the mask, and also plan to refine the facial structure of the cast with a layer of paperclay.

While all this is somewhat lightweight I'm looking for a way to reinforce my cast to prevent it from being weighed down or broken during wear. Is there a relatively accessible material that would be ideal to cast with, or even better, a way to strengthen my existing paper cast so it can stand up to some further crafting?

Any help is greatly appreciated.


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