Tiny black dots in monster clay medium. Is this normal??

Egon Spengler

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Been working with some monster clay medium and I'm noticing some black dots in it ? Is this normal? ?? They aren't that visible when in normal light but when i shine a bright light on the clay I notice them?
I don't think it's mold, zooming in on it with my phones camera, it looks like dust particles. Ugh. Hopefully that doesn't impact the final sculpt and mold.
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Monster clay and most oil based clays in general will pick up dust and dirt quickly when sculpting. It’s not an issue. If you get your clay very dirty you can melt it down and strain it to remove any dirt particles. If I see anything that bugs me when sculpting I just pick it out and replace it with fresh clay.
Monster Clay is VERY forgiving. That being said, I have Monster Clay that is a few years old that has been used several times over and as hard as I try to keep it clean, I always end up picking out little bits of whatever as I sculpt.

After I've molded a sculpture, I'll melt down the Clay to liquid and use a spoon to fish out any pieces of debris (if any) then pour it back into the tub.

Monster Clay is really fantastic stuff. I won't use anything else.

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