My first very build - black symbiote spiderman


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I have wanted to create a cosplay for a while but was always unsure of what to create, I did consider Batman or White Ranger (power rangers) however I don't really have a £1000 to spend. That brought me to Spiderman, my brother is creating an ASM2 costume and he told me that the stuff needed was within my budget. I have always liked the Black Spiderman but all the costumes I've seen are poor, thats when I found Grampsee's and I was blown away!!! After seeing his costume I decided that I definitely wanted to create something similar.
I originally planned to use 4neo designs print (shown below) but i didnt like the webbing design on the shoulder/mask as it had too much white for my taste. He did offer to alter it for me but he was pretty busy and I am on a timescale.
I managed to track down the Grampsee's pattern
and paid to download it. I have just sent the pattern off to a printer and in a few weeks I will get it back and can have it sewn up. I do plan on using puffy paint to paint the honeycomb pattern.

These are the lenses that I plan to use (but white mesh instead), so it won't be exactly the same as Grampsee's design.

but I ask you all how else/what else can I do to differentiate my costume from his?

I was considering using a metallic black puffy paint or a navy puffy paint instead of the matte black?
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but I ask you all how else/what else can I do to differentiate my costume from his?

Hey there,

Grampsee did an incredible job with his suit, no doubt about it. What you have to ask yourself is: what did you like most about it, and what do you see that you didn't like? With all of our costumes we take artistic liberties here and there, so if there's some part of his costume you would like to change, that's a good place to start.

I like your idea about using different lenses, that's a good start. Take a look around the web at how different artists depicted the Symbiote suit - maybe there's a particular artist that draws the suit in a particular way, and you can try to channel that with your build.

With most of my comic-style costumes, I've picked out an artist that really speaks to me, and tried to recreate that version. Many different artists have drawn the black suit over the years - maybe you like the bluish shading from Secret Wars? Maybe try to incorporate that in some way?

Or more of the "wet look" of the Black in Black storyline:

Or a pupleish tint from the Mac Gargan Spider-Man (venom):


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Thanks for your reply, I have been thinking about trying either a metallic black puffy paint or even a dark purple shade. I was wondering if anyone else had tried either of these puffy paints.


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I would give it that purplish tint I think that would be cool. When I made my symbiote suit for Halloween I tried doing it but there was just so much surface area and too little time (I tried using the method with the rubber pot holder and spray paint) and it also didn't really work with the spray paint I chose. the look itself did work though and it looked really cool on the spot I did do it on


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I used slick puffy paint on my spider-man suit, workes like a charm and I think it will give an awesome organic feel to a symbiote suit.

Good luck with your build.


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sjorsjo91 u got any pics of your spiderman suit, i dunno what puff paint to use, matt/slick/metallic and it would really help if i cud see how slick looked?
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