My first actual kitbash… complete!


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What a super fun build! The hardest part was finding the initial shape, but from there on it was just sheer fun.


Loved dressing her up with greeblies then seeing it all come together with the primer. Weathering is always a treat as it brings things to life. Overall I’m super stoked with it, especially being my first attempt.

Love to hear your thoughts though…


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I've always appreciated your workmanship tmax(y)(y):notworthy::notworthy: The props you've built over the years are a testimony to your talent!
As a first foray into the kitbash world of modeling, you produced a first (I hope others in the future) model with greeblies that were available to you.
I think that, as a next project, you should think about the "Human Scale" angle.
That is: how big is the crew related to some of the greeblies/details you'll put on that spaceship for example. If some of those had to be "repaired" by said crew; what would be the size of certain details? If I put a hose here, connected to that "machine/detail over there; would that hose + machine looks like it could have a "Logical Mechanical Purpose"?
Making it into that "Human Scale" is helpful and will make your next build even better with what you've learned building this first one.;)
Eager to see your next one!


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Looks GREAT...!!!...before you hit it with primer it told a cool story about all the different bash parts and the primer and wash nails it...only think is I don't like the massive gun on top, but apart from that...I LIKE IT....!!!....

Screenshot 2022-05-21 164935.jpg

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