My Blade Runner ‘Bulldog’ rubber-band gun


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I've spent the last few months playing around with a 50 watt CO2 laser and I've mostly been using it to make myself a rubber-band gun. Of course, as it's me, it's a Blade Runner gun. Rick Deckard's Steyr Bulldog. To tease you here's a few pictures of the 8 prototype iterations so far (and the dog). The final version will be created over the Christmas-new year break (the gun not the dog) and I will add ‘beauty pictures’ here when it’s finally done.

Thanks for looking. Have a nice Christmas and see you all again in the new year. D.

2023-02-19 15.27.53.jpg
2023-12-20 08.13.14.jpg
2023-12-20 08.13.06.jpg
2023-12-20 08.13.25.jpg

2023-12-20 08.14.08.jpg
2023-12-20 08.14.29.jpg

2023-12-20 08.13.36.jpg
2023-12-20 08.13.45.jpg

If you want to read the whole story of it's creation you can find it on my blog (sorry if it's a bit long-winded, I just like writing);

I also made a very quick video of my latest trigger mechanism test with a full five bands for the first time;

2023-12-20 08.14.47.jpg

Reach for it, I dare ya!
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I love this so much! That is so insanely clever and well thought out. Not just the mechanism, but the stylized design of the PKD to get the character and detail with the different layering. Extremely well-polished look. I really hope you move forward with a run of these. They're brilliant!
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looks like you are preparing to offer some for sale, mind if I ask where I should be watching out for them?

I was asked about the loading and operation of the gun a while back so I‘ve recorded a short demo on the YouTubes. I really wanted to make a little filming studio in my workshop to look all professional and ‘AdamSavagy‘ but I’m just getting over a heavy cold and there’s yet another storm raging outside so I just sat at the kitchen table and rambled a bit;


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