Blade Runner Lobster Spinner


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Okay, so 16" equals...?
There's a Syd Mead painting showing a very similar vehicle to the lobster spinner (might be what its based off of). You might be able to figure the scale based on the figure standing next to it in the painting. The one thing about this spinner design is there's nothing that really looks like a door or hatch on it, so its hard to say how big it was intended to be in relation to the other spinners.


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The original Mead design looks like a good start to calculate the scale. The forward pod is a crew cockpit so it has to be large enough to accommodate all of the crew.

The body has to be proportional to that. Maybe 1/32?

If the Lobster is more car-like, the length would be more relative to car size. Maybe 1/12 scale?

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