My Batman Arkham Knight Foam build - in progress


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Oh my, that batsuit looks amazing! Is it too late to ask for the templates? I know that many come here to ask for the template too but I'm trying to make one Batman Arkham Knight Suit too and I can't find any files.

If you can send it, my mail is:
if not, no problem!

Thank you for your time! :D


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RavenArt, I've been trying to get a pattern for the under suit to use. How did you make yours and do you have a template for the, not the armor?​

Hi. I ended up making my own undersuit just looking at all the different photos I could find online. If you are on FB, look up "Danny McFly Cosplay", he made an Arkham Knight suit and put up fairly detailed progress photos of how undersuit.


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Hey man, for Halloween/long-term, I am trying to build a Batman costume from Arkham knight. Like many of the folks here, I am asking you to send me files for your armor and helmet so that the building process can be easier. Thank you in advance. My email is


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Hello, since you sent me the files, can you give me some guidance on how you went about managing the sizing of the templates relative to your body and the foam, and how you went about working with the foam. I've worked plenty with foam, but these files are so complicated that its hard to tell what pieces I should transfer into foam, what techniques to use, and what pieces of the templates I should leave out or work into the foam. Any feedback from anybody who has built this would help, so feel free to respond. Thank you so much.
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Re: My Batman Arkham Knight Foam build - in progress UPDATED PICS

Updates: Undersuit nearly complete, just working out the details of the collar piece. Here are a few pics of the top half with most of the armor attached. Some of the armor is just sitting on the suit so don't mind the way it looks right now. Pants are done as well. I also made a new cowl. I'm making a few tweaks to the armor and have to sew one more piece to the cape and do a little more weathering and I think I can call this done. Sorry if some of the pics are sideways, it keeps uploading them that way and I can't figure out how to change it. View attachment 734542 View attachment 734547 View attachment 734546 View attachment 734545 View attachment 734544 View attachment 734543
how do i get the patterns?


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Hello i hope all is well. your batman suit looks incredible! i know you have already been so generous to so many. Could i possible get the templates for the gauntlets and boots? it would definitely be deeply appreciated by a fellow cosplayer. thanks in advance!

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