My 1:18 scale figures from Alien 1979 - Project a work in progress.

Discussion in 'General Modeling' started by sithfire30, May 19, 2012.

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    Hello everyone - Very excited about the upcoming Prometheus film! Been an ALIEN fan since the early 80s when I was able to sneak in my parents room and watch it from behind the couch LOL! I'm a professional artist and have always wished toy companies would have invested the time to create a line of figures for the fans (they almost did but canceled the line due to parental pressure). So I have decided to take it upon myself to make my own.

    The attached link shows the work in progress of the original Nostromo cast up to this point (May 19). The figures will be in 1:18 scale (approx. 3.75" tall) I hope to have the entire crew of the Nostromo as well as the Nostromo Galley diorama complete by Sept 2012. It's a labor of love which I hope you will enjoy!...oh and expect some Prometheus figures to be created as well.

    ALIEN 1979 Project
  2. phase pistol

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    That's remarkable stuff! What an RPF debut! welcome! :D

  3. skiffy

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    What a great project! The characterisation is fantastic.
  4. Chaank

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    Wow! This is very cool. Great size too. Nice work man. I'll be watching this with interest.
    New from Sithfire, the 1:18 scale Nostromo action play-set. figures sold separately. In space, YOU make them scream!:lol
  5. Leigh

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    These are incredible :eek Amazing attention to detail!! I particularly like your style of characterization, really impressive yet strangely familiar (y)thumbsup(y)thumbsup

    Looking forward to seeing some finished displays :)
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    wow you must work for hot toys ;)
  7. Alan Cross

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    I can't say enough how enjoyable your sculpted faces are. Looking at your version of Ripley is equal parts cool and creepy (and I mean "creepy" in a good way.) So much character and expression. Nice work!
  8. MrBugSlayer

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    Great stuff!! The original Alien movie was my favorite film of the series. Spooky and tenseful! Keep it up!
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