MR's Luke IV ANH saber

Discussion in 'Star Wars Costumes and Props' started by Banquo Fett, Jan 22, 2006.

  1. Banquo Fett

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  2. Exodus

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    First are you asking about the new signature version or the EE? If your in it for accuracy then there are two different things to look at. For continuation purposes from ROTS to ESB then the EE version is nice because the activator is on the right side. For on screen accuracy then the activator is on the wrong side but the new signature version or the new LE version is going to solve that for you.
  3. Banquo Fett

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  4. Darth Maul

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    I think both the MR and real Graflex's will have their own markets in the future. The one that becomes worth more, is the one people will pay more for. That will probably be the MR.

    Depends on why your getting it. If its for enjoyment, investment, or a combination of both. I've got two Graflex's on ANH and one ESB, and I skipped on the MR EE, for me I just put the funds towards something else. I've pretty much got myself trained now that I don't need to get the licensed version if I am happy with what I've got.

    But, this came after a while of buying everything, so its a tough decision. I've just got so much, that at this point I rather get things I don't have, then a double just cause its licensed.

    But, this is just my crazy logic :)
  5. Exodus

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    I agree with Darth here. I have a few fan made props that I love more then my MR stuff so it really just depends on you. Since you said you don't really care for resale then you're right. It really can't get more accurate then an actualy graflex so I would just stick with the graflex instead of putting more money down for what you own already.
  6. Banquo Fett

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    I think you're right. Especially the part about training yourself. I agree with that. With so much being offered, it's easy to go nuts.

    So hard to decide....
  7. Apollo

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    Rejoice in the Choice. ;)

    Ten fifteen years ago I never would have dreamed we would be faced with so many choices now.

  8. micdavis

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    What choice?

    You have a REAL graflex, why even consider a replica. That's seems just nuts.

    Don't be a victim of marketing. You have the real deal. Stick to it.
  9. Sporak

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    I think I'd be more likely to get an FX version of this one.
    They can get the size correct now :)
    I already have several real Graflex's as well as an EL version.
    If the price was much less I'd be more inclined to want one for curiosities sake.

    I guess it depends on if you plan to sell it later or not.
    It'll sell for more, yeah...but real worth?

    I don't know...I myself favor a real Graflex any day.
  10. THX1138

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    Personally, as regards this saber and the ESB version, you can't do any better than a real vintage Graflex flash unit.

    BUT... if you collect the MR sabers, they would be a must for your MR collection. I would lean towards the SE and the EE sabers, though.

    They are very well made, that's for sure.

    As far as the Prequel sabers go, you can't do any better than MR.... mainly because of the LF license and the fact that they had the original film props on hand to measure and copy perfectly.

    - Jim :fettrotj
  11. ortiz34

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    Although I like MR products (and own all of the blasters), i find the sabers all overpriced , and in many cases, not as accurate as they should be.

    I wont 'pay for a number' and can get the display cases from other cheaper outlets.

    If you have a real graflex, or heck, even a replica one, its probably closer to 'the real thing' as you can get.

    So where does that leave it?, the only reason to buy it would be as an investment.
    Are you comfortable enough with MR as a company to invest in them?

    I guess the real issue is, are MR products 'props' , or limited collectibles?

  12. Guitaryojedi

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    Sorry that this maybe a little off topic,
    but this upcoming ANH Luke Lightsaber will be
    same "Graflex Tube" that was used for MR ESB Luke LE?

    What do you guys think?
    Because I don't like the material/finish of MR ESB Graflex Tubes.

    So, back to the topic.
    I will probably buy this ANH LE/SE, IF MR won't re-use ESB LE Graflex Tube.

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