MR Qui-Gon Jinn Episode I: TPM Lightsaber

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Originally posted by tk7602@Feb 8 2006, 07:48 PM
for a single person making a few sabers, the parts add up to about that much. for a company having them manufactured by the low bidder in china, that's crazy talk.
There's also the royalty payment to licensor, Lucasfilm.


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MR CE packaging pics



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Hmm, is it just me or is the prommel wrong? it dosent look right, I hope MR fixes that. At $200 tat is Wayy too much.

cayman shen

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So, is the resin part cast black, or painted? If it's paint that can chip, that will drastically affect my decision to buy one of these. If it's cast black, I'd feel more confident in the durability/quality.

Jumpin Jax

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For those thinking that metal is that much more expensive, trust me that plastic isn't much of a step down. I work in a metal shop that goes through tons of Malaysian steel a day, it costs jack in bulk. Stainless steel in the amount that it takes to make a lightsaber in the East? About $10. Aluminum in the country that produces it? Maybe $20. Plastic is probably a couple bucks, but it's that license BS that made the Emperor's cane $200 as well. Don't look into the materials, you won't find the justification there.