Most used Styrene?


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Hey guys,

I'm educating myself on materials and have a quick Q about HIPS / High Impact PolyStyrene. I haven't worked with it, and I'm trying to get a basic rule of thumb. So without getting specific, whats the most commonly used thickness in props & cosplay? Just a broad overview.

I've seen a bunch of the different ways that it's used, but never a breakdown of what's best for what.

EX: Does 020 have a place at all, is it a waste of time to get involved with anything below 060, etc.

Thanks very much.

Side note- I wanted to post this in General Modeling but the site wouldn't let me so I thought this was the next best place.

Sluis Van Shipyards

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There might be a rule if you're vacuuforming armor or something. Otherwise I use whatever thickness I need for something. It just depends on your dimensions, how strong it needs to be, etc.


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Right, yeah I understand that. I would just like to know which size is most popular so I can better acquaint myself with it. no specific project or use, just what's most commonly used, overall.

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As Sluis said, you use the thickness that is needed for the job and looks accurate.
You wouldn't use 3mm thick styrene for a prop that was originally made from 2mm thick styrene.


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It all depends on what you're building. Start off with 080 and get a few thinner sheets. You can always glue and sandwich sheets together to get a proper thickness and increase strength.



I agree with the comments above.
When I started to work with Styrene, I went out and got a number of sheets at different thickness to have enough plastic in my shop, but I tend to use 3mm the most.
But that is a personal preference and depends on the project you are attempting
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