MiB Neuralyzer Build Thread


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Thanks to gmprops, I'm able to get rolling on a long-time wanted project - an MiB neuralyzer. The base MiB costume is all pretty straight forward, but the props are the differentiator. Good props will really make it stand out. I've wanted to build one for a long time, and I can finally do it now.


I was able to get this electronics package to start things off. This is gmprops' deluxe kit, with the correct original display module.


Here's a look at it in action. Lights, sound, and the year can be changed. It's a fantastic little piece of kit.

My plan is to 3D print most of the project. I'm going to test a couple parts for measurements and whatnot to get the best fit for the electronics to a model. I'm also gonna test my skills electroplating on this. I'm trying out the model from MIB 1 Neuralyzer V. 2 by Trixigt first, and am anticipating mixing and matching some stuff because so far, none of the 3D models I've seen are exactly right.

I'm also planning a J2 sidearm as well, and I'll get a thread going for that once I'm rolling. Stay tuned for all the Neuralyzer goodness! I'll be a little slow, but don't worry, I'll keep updates and answers coming for y'all.
Hi Fienen,
I have a couple of questions. How do you make the flash work ? Does it make a sound?
Also what type of batteries does the Neuralyzer take?

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