1. gmprops

    Limited Run MIB Men in Black Neuralyzer Electronics - Last Ones

    Cleaning up the shop I discovered boards and parts for standard and deluxe MIB Neuralyzers. I originally built these for SD Studios about 10 years ago. Seeing that I have enough parts on hand I decided to assemble a few to see how well they work. Well, they still worked great and I still...
  2. Nanotyrannus

    Screen Used Edgar Bladder Suit MIB

    This is one of the coolest things I’ve owned in my movie prop collection! An Edgar transformation rig from Men In Black. This bladder suit was made for use during the climax of the film, where Edgar pulls his human skin off to reveal his true form. This suit consists of a rubber bladder vest, a...
  3. LtPinkerton

    MIB neurolizer flash

    Hello all, I’m thinking that for this Halloween I’ll be sporting a black suit and shades. And what better prop that isn’t the noisy cricket than the neurolizer to go with the costume. I’m thinking of 3D printing it. I’ve seen several models but I may commission my own or actually improve my...
  4. V

    Men in Black: International (MIB) (Post-release)

    MEN IN BLACK Revival In Development Without Will Smith | The RPF Pulse