MG15 Sandtrooper Heavy Rifle -- pics and info updated

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Cliff and I were talking yesterday (always a pleasure) and he was curious as to whether or not there were any ref pics of the rod that holds the forward scope as mentioned by TK818. Well, after a little digging I am proud to say we found verification.
In this picture you can clearly see the scope mount with the rod attaching to the lower leg of it. I would guess that if the front of the scope was not in shadow you would see that the other end of the rod goes to the front end of the scope.

Don't be confused by the big blob directly behind the scope. We believe that to be the sandy's hand and thumb.

Here is a pic of the real scope mount for the Enfield No. 32 scope.


and here is a pic from the roadblock scene:

I believe what we are seeing here is the back leg of the scope mount. Is it possible that the rod described by TK818 attaches to the scope mount at the original screw holes?


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Braks Buddy,

Great pics!

Sure looks like the rod is going to the lower portion of the mount in those pics.

That is different from TK818's illustration.


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My first sketch was a bit off as to the angle of the rod.
The archive shot is taken from above the gun, not from the side so the angle of the rod is deceptive but it does angle down in back.

The angle is is more like this:


From an exchange with LS:

On the British MK sniper scope........

1) Are the windage knobs lined up with one another or offset from each other?


2)The tip of the scope is brass in color right?


3)The eye bell it brass in color or blued?

It's blued except for a thin brass ring that forms the rim of the eye

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TK818, from the pic you have seen, does it appear the rod is truly a rod (circular) or is it more of a thin flat strip of metal? I ask because it appears extremely thin in some of the photos above and if it does mount to the screwholes of the scope mount then I would think it would have to either have flattened ends of be a complete flate strip. Hope that wasn't too confusing.

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BTW, got my poster in...

Unfortunately the pics are not as good as I hoped. However, it does give us picture-proof of a couple of the things that have been stated in this thread.

1. One of the MG15s is missing the entire front section of the gun just as lonepigeon stated. This makes me believe that this pic was most likely taken AFTER filimg in Tunisia. The other thing that points to this fact is that we see several sandtrooper pieces which have obviously been cleaned up....

2. You can pretty easily see the bands around the front section of the snooper scope as TK-818 mentioned in an earlier thread. Always nice to have a pic to back these kind of things up.

3. Although they don't clearly show it, the pics give you a general sense of where the tube coming off the snooperscope attaches to the MG-15 which lines up right where TK-818 said it should.


Here is a link to a larger version:



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Awesome pic BB!

Notice the rubber eye piece is different on that scope compared to the one I have and the one with C3PO in the picture.

Please PM me on where you got that poster.

TK818, Can you see if the scope mount knobs are infact reversed on your picture?? If so I would think they just bent the rod around the knobs and than just cranked them down?


Jim S.


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If that is the pic where they are following Garindan....

Yes it was taken after filming in Tunisia. All the filming in Tunisia was done first, and then they went to Elstree. The places where we see Garindan is of course a Elstree


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No, no. Sorry for the confusion. The pics above come from this poster:


From what I can tell, there are no MG-15s in the Garindan pic. I could be wrong but I see 2 Mg-34s, 2 Sterlings and 1 Lewis.



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"TK818, from the pic you have seen, does it appear the rod is truly a rod (circular) or is it more of a thin flat strip of metal?"

It's definitely a rod but the area where it would attach to the mount is not visible.

"TK818, Can you see if the scope mount knobs are infact reversed on your picture?? If so I would think they just bent the rod around the knobs and than
just cranked them down??"

The scope mount knobs are in the same position as the pic of the "real Mark II" that Brak's Buddy posted but the knobs are different.
They appear smaller, don't have a lip and there are hex nuts in the center.

In fact they could be washers rather than the actual knobs.
The hex nuts have some rod sticking through them.

The rod would be much to thick to bend around the knobs.

Here's what I'll do if I ever get a sniper scope for my MG-15:



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What poster is that??? I have never seen it before. What is that front trooper holding for a gun?

I would still say it's very likely that it was shot after filming in Tunisia, as that was done first...



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Here are two pics of the Snooper scope, I dont have any pics of the mount as it was custom made.....




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Love this thread.

Can't you get the MG 15 for around $900?

No one has addressed this topic.

Hasn't the barrel bean removed??


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For the British infrared snooperscope, is there like a model number for it or is it just plain "British Infrared Snooperscope" ?

Thanks in advanced for answering,



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There is no identification of a manufacturer that I have found.

And I have the original storage box and paper work with the scope.



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This thread ROCKS Gentlemen !!!

Thanks for posting the reference pics on this gun, this is definitely some great reference tools for a future Sandtrooper (me), I would like to see some more reference photos in the future for the other Sandtrooper rifles.

Keep up the awesome work you guys do !!

Take Care


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Well fine. If this won't be archived I'll just keep posting to it so it doesn't fall off the board....

Here is my MG15 question of the week; it is obvious in the pic below that the barrel of the MG-15 was removed (I assume due to weight concerns) leaving only the barrel shroud. Anyone have any clever idea on how this could be accoomplished as I believe the barrel is welded in place on the dummy MG15s. When I get my MG15, I won't need the entire barrel assembly removed but I do want it cut back at least far enough that you can't see it through the air vents in the barrel shroud. Ideas? Comments?

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