1. Mandalorian - Blaster

    Mandalorian - Blaster

  2. Mandalorian - Blaster

    Mandalorian - Blaster

  3. Mandalorian - Blaster

    Mandalorian - Blaster

  4. Mandalorian - Blaster

    Mandalorian - Blaster

  5. Mandalorian - Blaster

    Mandalorian - Blaster

  6. Mandalorian - Blaster

    Mandalorian - Blaster

  7. skoota73

    Anodized Aluminum Mandalorian Darksaber Hilt by Malibu139

    Letting go of my Mandalorian Darksaber hilt by Malibu139. It's been sitting in the original box waiting for installation. Everything is included. Installation parts and blade will need to be sourced separately. Looking to get back the original cost. Please reach out for shipping costs.Thank you...
  8. CrossfireProps

    Limited Run Metal Beskar Steel Ingots

    Excited to share another run of my metal Beskar Ingots is now available! Compared to previous versions, these ones are slightly smaller (127x63.5x10.7mm), but are far more accurate to the size of the screen used props. Additionally, the new anodizing color matches better as well. Each ingot...
  9. skywalker49

    HASLAB Razor Crest For Sale

    I need to fund a trip to Galaxy‘s Edge so unfortunately I have to sell my haslab Razor Crest. I still have the original shipper, I removed the sealed box and it has sat on a shelf in my office for the past few months. Totally unopened and contains all of the original merchandise. Asking $650+...
  10. Jediguy

    New Republic Marshall Badge B&C grades

    Clearing these at $10 usd each + shipping. Happy to combine shipping. Please note these are shipping international from Singapore. Payment via paypal. Contact me to finalize the total. Thank you
  11. thawn_es

    Star Wars Metal Sabacc credits

    For sale 35 star wars gold and aged credits for sabacc game. 26 imperial credits 9 mandalorian credits FULL METAL!!! Real value: 250€ Asking 140€ plus shipping
  12. Jameel Ur

    Unlimited Run The Mandalorian- Axe Woves Flak vest!

    Hey guys and gals, I was trying to develop perfect match Death Watch AxeWoves Flak vest. I just finished my first Axe Woves Flakvest. This vest available for sale, the price is $130 including shipping. Material: Real cowhide leather on body, duck cloth shoulder straps. You guys can place your...
  13. Kylash

    Star Wars JSIN Props Mandalorian Helmet Alumaluster

    Selling my JSIN Mando helmet. Painted with alumaluster just like the real ones. Don’t remember which version this is but I got it about a year ago. Has some imperfections from his mold, visible print lines that weren’t cleaned up on his master under a few lips, but overal very clean. Just been...
  14. Jediguy

    Mandalorian Boot Mini Knife 3D printed metal Aluminum

    Mando Boot knife. Yes you read that right . 3D printed in aluminum. THE FUTURE IS NOW Ok seriously though, length overall 105mm and weighs approximately 70 grams Each blade is made to order and will take 10 business days or less to be made. It will then be shipped to you . The print in...
  15. shadowfoil

    Limited Run Metal Mandalorian Tanto Knife

    Phoenix Props and I have faithfully recreated the small Tanto knife you see the Mandalorian put into the bin before boarding the shuttle to Tatooine in Season1 Episode 5 of the Book of Boba Fett (26:30m) This run is limited to approximately 100 units initially unless interest is there for more...
  16. craigjohn

    Star Wars EFX Mandalorian Helmet Season 1

    EFX Collectibles Mandalorian Helmet Season 1. LFL Officially Licensed - Limited Edition: #68 of 750 Master patterns cast from the molds used to make the screen-used helmets. NO DIGITAL SCANS! Made in high quality, hand-laid fiberglass Fully padded interior Full Scale 1:1 Prop Replica Helmet...
  17. Vekzer

    BS Mandalorian Helmet Rework

    Hi all, I recently picked up a Black Series Mandalorian helmet and after seeing all of the inaccuracies, I decided to have a play! Before I committed to reworking the helmet, I thought I'd give the helmet a clear coat. Just to see if I could replicate Adam Savage's results, because, why not...
  18. StevenBills

    Limited Run MPC/ERTL 1:48 Naboo Starfighter Engine nacelle upgrade set

    Hey all. I've had some people recently express interest in a set of these resin printed engine nacelles for the 1:48 MPC/ERTL Naboo Starfighter. Here they are on my model that I made last year: Price is $15 USD + $5 shipping domestically. And here is what you'll receive: If you're...
  19. Jake Kassnoff

    Baby Yoda Lightsaber

  20. Indy Magnoli

    Tusken Raider & Gaffi Stick: Scratch build...

    My boys and I are building a couple of Sand People outfits. I wasn't planning on doing a thread, so I didn't take many photos at the start, but we love how it's turning out, so I thought... better late than never. Firstly, we 3d printed up a set of mask hardware (found these from Thingiverse, I...
  21. Jake Kassnoff

    Fennec Shand Helmet Build

  22. DylanRose

    Mandalorian/Master chief helmet mashup

    For this years RPF secret santa i decided to try a mashup helmet based on a cheap mandalorian helmet with mods and paint inspired by Halo’s Master Chief. I started with some sketches and a digital mockup to get a feel for what a 50/50 split might look like. This is the helmet i started with...
  23. catboat

    Mandalorian Armorer's Forge 1:6 Detolf Scale

    I finished my sixth scale Armorer’s Forge based on season 1, episode 3 of the Mandolarian and images from the Art of Star Wars: The Mandolarian. I wanted to create a diorama that was a closer to cannon than other prints I found that would fit a Detolf. It has over over 70 LEDs throughout. All...
  24. Hedonist Farmer

    Westar-35 blaster build, from The Mandalorian (Nite Owls)

    Hello everyone, here are some pictures of my recently finished project. It's a Westar-35 blaster in the live action version, as seen on the show The Mandalorian, most notably used by Bo-Katan and the Nite Owls. This is a purchased 3D printed kit from etsy that i assembled and painted using...
  25. CrossfireProps

    Armorer Helmet Builds

    Hey all! Just wanted to share a couple armor helmets I painted up recently. These started out as resin casts from GEC Props on Etsy, and wow were they some nice casts! Very clean, detailed, and even came already trimmed. Just did some very light sanding around the visor area to make sure it...