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  1. Studio Stasis

    Star Wars FS: Man Of War Boba Fett boots size 10US

    I have a mint condition set of Man Of War Boba Fett Boots in size 10 that I picked up here. I wear a 10.5 to 11 and I hoped I might be able to use these but they are just a bit small for my feet. These are out of production, so they are becoming rare. Rather than clicking purchase, please...
  2. SMP Designs

    Mandalorian Armorer WIP (pic heavy)

    We’re jumping on the Mandalorian costume train, but not with the man himself. his thread will follow the construction of the female Armorer. I wanted to start with the main armor pieces - helmet and breastplate - and get them locked down as soon as possible. Getting started, I found templates on...
  3. Baruopa

    3D Printed Mandalorian Helmet: Great Ape Stuidos or 3D Print Armory?

    Hey all, am looking to print a mando helmet and was taken by the photos of 3D Print Armory's V6 helmet, as it's overlays with the original prop look spot on, but when I see people talking about Mando STLs they always reccomend Great Ape Studios. Has anyone tried printing both who can put a word...

    Star Wars S.1 covert mando helmet

    Season 1 covert mando helmet up for grabs. I got this cast from Sean Bradley (costumedork on insta) and was painted by me.
  5. KillerofSaints

    Hot Toys Scout Trooper and Speeder Bike

    Brand new sealed includes US shipping.
  6. D

    My First Mod -- Mando's Blaster

    Hi Everyone - As promised, here's some pics of my very first mod. Don't get too excited. It is, of course, the Rubies Mando blaster. THIS IS NOT SCREEN ACCURATE! I know it's missing the site and the hammer isn't quite correct. But I wanted just to do a paint mod first, just to get my feet wet...
  7. spacemarine

    Star Wars The Mandalorian Grogu Aluminium Display Plaque

    100mm x 50mm x 0.5mm dye printed onto aluminium. Comes with a small acrylic stand that attaches with double-sided tape.
  8. joshjango

    Full Custom Mandlorian Armor

    FOR SALE: one of a kind custom Mandalorian Armor kit/cosplay. Approved in the Mandalorian Mercs Costume Club. Shipped from Northern California. Buyer pays shipping. Includes: -Helmet -Jetpack -Chest Plates -Bicep Armor -Elbow Plates -Gauntlets (Man of War Studios) -Gloves (Size L) -Utility...
  9. ProfCoppersmith

    Grav Charge Problems - HELP!?

    So, working on some Grave Charges for my custom Mando armor. I got a set of static ones from Etsy. They were some what disappointing due to a possible translation issue (they came from Italy, and the info was clearly put through Google Translate). They look good, but aren't made of aluminum...
  10. benderobot

    The Mandalorian Nevarro City diorama

    Hi, this is my Mandalorian diorama , with customs Din Djarin's cloth cape and Grogu's backpack, 6in black series figures.
  11. The Prop Lord

    Graphite Powder Discussion

    I was introduced to the amazing ability that graphite powder has on a slightly tacky yet smooth and glossy surface. Near perfect chrome like finish. I have scoured the internet to see if there are alternative materials that have the same effect. Which not much luck. I have a bunch of different...
  12. BigStick

    Star Wars Sale: Star Wars Mandalorian / Boba Fett Style Armor Display - Fully Wearable :)

    Hey All, Just finished this project after 3 years of planning, prep & elbow grease! This display is a dedication to our troops fighting terrorism around the world. It depicts a mashup of U.S. Military gear & Mandalorian style armor. I'm a huge Boba Fett & Mandalorian fan & this was a fun project...
  13. JamesHall1701

    Mudhorn Signet lead-free solder

    I sculpted a replica of the Mudhorn Signet from Mandalorian, ,molded it in silicone, and cast it in lead-free solder. Came out pretty good, now I just need to attach it to my jacket!
  14. tykyu

    JSIN Props Mandalorian Helmet First Look! (Weathered, Extra Details, + Light)

    Link Here! Hi guys! I've finally gotten my hands on one of Jsin Prop's new V3 Mandalorian helmets. I just put together my brief thoughts in this youtube link above. This helmet is really a beaut-! I see why so many people on this forum enjoy it and speak so well of it. ^^ If you want me to...
  15. FabiKurz

    The Mandalorian Tracking Fob

    Hi everybody! This is my newest prop replica. The Tracking Fob from The Mandalorian. Just a pieces of styrene, a few wires, a LED, a couple of batteries and voilà!. Hope you like it. Regards, FabiKurz.
  16. Asuris

    Advice for Mando flight suit

    Greetings every one. I am looking for some advice regarding the undersuit for a mando cosplay I am working on. As my sowing still need a lot of work I was thinking of getting a cosssky kit for the under-suit, as it seems to have reasonable quality. As they sell the original and the beskar...
  17. madphisto

    Costume Research/Development: Morgan Elsbeth's Magistrate Guard/Militia (The Mandalorian S2)

    Hello, though I have been not that hyped by the Mandalorian as others I fell in love with one particular costume in episode 13 The Jedi: The Scout Guard/Magistrate Guard of Morgan Elsbeth (Magistrate of Calodan on Planet corvus) I loved them because they also reminded me on the Harkonnen...
  18. I

    Mandalorian Helmet detail work

    Hi, I'm new to the forums but I've been working on a 3D printed Mandalorian helmet. I saw Numitor 's post about his helmet and was curious what techniques you all use for detail work. I'm stuck on the ear pieces and rear teeth. Is there any specific tool you use to get in the nooks and crannies...
  19. burtsfilms

    Star Wars - The Mandalorian Themed Christmas Crib Diorama

    Finally the Christmas Crib in Mandalorian Style is done! Was a nice little Project with 3d Printed parts, Foam, Paint, Electronics and a lot of glue. Here is a Making of Video:
  20. Jake Kassnoff

    Bo Katan Mandalorian Helmet Build

    Build Footage:
  21. krispikarim

    Interest Bo Katan Armor Kit (Live Action)

    Wanted to gauge interest in a run of live action Bo Katan armor from The Mandalorian. The armor would be cast fiberglass and include the helmet, armor and jetpack, may also offer fully painted sets if there is any interest. Helmet 3d Model:
  22. s2jesse

    S2Jesse / Puzzlebox Cobb Vanth aka the Marshal All Metal Blaster Build and Run

    Hi everyone. Its time for another Metal Blaster Build. Im working on Cobb Vanth aka The Marshal from The Mandalorian. I just acquired a vintage Hebel Model 1895 Flare Gun which is used as the base for Cobb's Blaster. Now i can confidently begin the build. I'll also use this thread as a build...
  23. MandoGuy22

    Mandalorian Detonator S2 EP1

    Hello! This is my first official post here. After doing some searching I haven't noticed anyone designing this mando detonator. I am currently working on a 3D model but sourcing the parts would be way more fun and give the prop a much more substantial feeling! Here is a link to my first post...
  24. The Sweatshop

    The Mandalorian : Westar-35 Reference thread

    I was inspired by the darksaber reference thread, and how the prop department had reinvented the saber for live action. So here we go! what I could find so far as the wiki’s state that the mandalorians in “chapter 3 : the sin” use them to assist Mando escape. Now I couldn’t find a screenshot...
  25. JCulley3D

    DIY Mando Bag Cosplay!

    Hey All, I wanted to share my latest Star Wars Prop build video - a Mandalorian inspired survival bag! The video shows the whole build process and is a bit of fun too.. DIY Mando Bag - Build Video

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