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Hello, I'm Panta. I love making Star Wars costume replicas. I have an approved Din Djarin TBOBF costume by the 501st, and I'm BH-21203. I created a Repainted Boba Fett costume between 2021/2022, and even though there wasn't a 501st CRL for that version at the time, it turned out great. After wearing it about ten times, I decided to switch and make the Post-Sarlacc version from Season 2, Episode 6 of The Mandalorian. I utilized the already green-painted armor with texture effects and worked on the paint wear using silver metallic paste. Some clothing pieces remain the same – I'll reuse the turtleneck shirt, pants, leggings, and boots. I'll replace the belt and Flight Vest. I've worn down all armor pieces, repainted the jetpack in ROTJ colors, and added Sarlacc-induced wear effects. Waiting for my vest, I'll attempt crafting a new leather belt with PLA-printed ammo. Follow my work on Instagram @pantacosplay.


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