Metal Blade Runner Blaster

Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by eltee, May 26, 2006.

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    I had just missed the cutoff for the first batch of all metal Blade Runner blasters built by Rich Coyle. Knowing Rich's obsession with detail and quality, I knew it would be worth the wait. During the ensuing months, Rich and I communicated by phone and emails and I watched from a distance as he struggled to be sure that his guns were done right. Well, "Coyle's Toils" paid off and here are some photos of what the postman brought me yesterday. Shown for comparison is my Coyle resin version of the same gun, and an airsoft version of "Leon's Mother's Helper" gun.

    The metal blaster weighs a ton, feels solid and looks great. The fit and finish are incredible. In the pictures below, I have a red tie-wrap around the forward trigger of my resin version to keep people from forcing it when they don't get any hammer action...since that trigger doesn't actuate the hammer. The metal blaster's same trigger activates a light-up sequence seen on both sides and bottom of the gun, and initiates a power up sound or voice (your choice).

    The metal C&S Blaster is phenomenal. If I had the $$$ I'd buy a second one for an investment because I know I will never part with this one.

    THANKS, Rich, for your hard work. Thanks Phil S. for your research and contributions to the C&S Blaster.




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    I know I've said this before, but man I love the look of the grips with the dark grip frame...
  3. superjedi

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    Man. That is just gorgeous.
    I'm a proud owner of a C & S version IV in resin. Rich's work is simply astounding.
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    Awesome.. I know you have a great collection, but this makes your collection beyond great.. :)
  5. tain669

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    Richs stuff is always fantastic to look at.I hope mine looks as great as this one.Thanks :cheers :thumbsup
  6. kell

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    Rich's work is always off the hook. That is an awesome gun...

  7. racprops

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    Again thousand thanks for the kind words...

  8. KarlBud420

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    Great new addition to your collection eltee.

    You should be very proud to be able to get in on the final run of these.

  9. AlltoEasy

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    I want one :cry

    truly amazing work.

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