McQuarrie X-Wing 3D modeling and build

Looking good...I would've liked it bigger (that's me)...but 1:24 is still a good size. Eager to see your next update (y) (y)
Looking good...I would've liked it bigger (that's me)...but 1:24 is still a good size. Eager to see your next update (y) (y)
Haha, I hear you. I just received my Anycubic M3 MAX the other day so I need to get that up and running. I've currently testprinted the entire 1:24 fuselage in the Voron with cockpit in resin so for now that'll have to do as an update. More to come later:
I have had my behind full of household work such as rebuilding the kitchen, taking care of the kids and basically just keeping the head above the surface lately so I've not got that much further on this build(not to mention the pneumonia and following hospital stay after christmas). I have gotten somewhere though in the regards to lightning the cockpit so I'm going to show some pictures of that. This is my first attempt at fiber optic lighting so it likely looks a bit messy but all in all I feel pretty pleased with it.
I painted the pilot and cockpit and reprinted the front and sides with holes for D0.5mm fiber wire at selected locations and quite crudely designed a main display to print and backlight.

As I said, somwewhat messy ;)


Quite rough painting, I know...



Fantastic results! Love the video and all of those lights (some blinking for effects) Eager to see your next update :cool: :cool: (y) (y)
Fantastic results! Love the video and all of those lights (some blinking for effects) Eager to see your next update :cool: :cool: (y) (y)
Thank you :) It needs to get a bit warmer here in Sweden before I can start printing the fuselage pieces, my printers are in an unheated room currently. Soon enough though I hope
All parts are now printed and just needs some minor sanding before final assembly and priming/paint. I also wired up the LED in the engine. The wires are guided through the wing and under the engine D20 support rod. I just now need to figure out how to connect it all in the fuselage and connect to the main wire by some suitable connector.








I am hoping beyond hope that you would be willing to offer a printed kit for those not fortunate enough to have a resin printer... :)
Yeah, it’s going to be a bit of a challenge to find somewhere to put it after it’s finished. It’s also starting to weigh quite a bit which is something I now realize I did not fully anticipate
If you have a problem putting it somewhere, I'll volunteer to put it on my shelve for free:lol:;)
I finally had the time to finish this build when we had some vacation days last week. Painting went pretty good and I got to try out the Iwata HP-TH2 which performed like a daydream. I did realize that my Air-compressor was perhaps a bit on the, let's say, weak side.





I also realized I made a mistake well after glueing and painting up the upper engine air intakes(or whatever they are used for, it is a spaceship after all so who knows what the intent really is ;) ). For the meandering pattern I accidently left a subtractable body which in turn left a section missing in the middle after print so I had to add a piece of styrene to bridge the gap and after that try to engrave the pattern manually in the middle section. That is the reason why that part looks a bit fuzzy but I really did not want to reprint the complete upper wing sections with all that entails so I made my peace with my mistake and did what I could to remedy it.


I did have some issues with the UV-resin warping and shrinking which had some effect on a few parts. I did have to add 2mm using styrene ribs to the canopy at the rear due to it shrinking over time and me not having added a tolerance for that in the model.

Another part that warped a bit was the rear of the fuselage where the Wing support structure should fit. I did leave a bit of gap here but evidently not enough so when the paint job was finished and final assembly was due I had to break out the sander to open up the area a bit. In the end the wings fit snuggly into the area and I could tighten it all up.


warped rear


wing section


The final wiring was a bit fiddly but worked out pretty smoothly in the end. I did have to open up the area underneath the R2-unit a bit to be able to use that as a main entry of the harness that connects the cockpit and engine-lights to a 9V-battery in the rear and the R2-unit itself hides the main switch.



I've never been particularly accomplished when it comes to painting, my thing has always been 3D modelling but that said, I'm even so quite proud of this build and how it ended up. It's not perfect but I'm ok with that.





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