Matt's predator brainstorming ideas

War Predator

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Hay this is War Predator and im currently in progress with my predator suit along with my twin brother Nightmare Predator. My idea isn't a Chopper predator, its a little different. My bio is a Wolf mask from AVPR and im trying to
keep the idea of Wolf along with a little modern badass characteristics. :D

For the time being i have made a Plasma Caster and its back component, an amature set of Wrist Blades, and now im in progress of painting my mask. ( Pics. will come my friends in the WIP section when i post them soon )

Now comes where the changes take place. I wanted to make it a type of Lord/Ancient Predator. With a Gold worn paintjob on the Wolf Bio. I want thoughts on that.

Finally im about to create a set of blades with a Gold paint up (inspired by Bovine and his Gold Wrist Bladed Gauntlet).

Fellow Hunters all ideas welcome.



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I think the idea of a gold fade is great and the goldblades would be a good touch.

you should give the wolf helmet a very light gold dusting over the normal worn silver/black. :D
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