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i go to highschool i'm 16 all honors classes ended freshman yr. with a 4.0 gpa. and currently jr. Not Any Dumb Punk Teenager. enough said. I want to learn how to make the costume, (bio helmet, wrist blades, Plasmacaster, armour) now. &quot;which i have an idea from research&quot; but still wanna keep learning. Then when i get older put all of my knowledge togather and make my predator. Im going for a Chopper predator look:) <br />
<br />
I'd have to say my dream is to (after i make my costume) go to the san diego comic con with you guys(hunterslair convention clan) and walk and hang with you guys. That would be the greatest! I saw the video on youtube Predator Apocalypse San diego Comic Con 2009. I know you only take the best of the best costumers so when i make my suit ill send you pics for hopefully approval. I'm pretty sure thats a requirement anyway but oh well:)<br />
<br />
If you've read this far thanks for reading, send me a msg give me your opinion. ty.

I really want to learn how to build predator costumes. Im new to making pred helmets and such, so any advice would be greatly appreciated. Ive already made an Alien costume and wanna make a decent pred, my brother made one but i think it'd be cool if i made one too so we could chill in our pred. suits. Any help would be appreciated.<br /> -Thank You<br /> send msg. to<br /> or just msg me on this profile.
Jan 1, 1995 (Age: 29)
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