"Master Replicas Dumps Star Wars" (Article from MR website)


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All I can say is "INDY! NOOOOOooooooo!"

This probably means Indiana Jones as well... Weren't they investigating that?

-- Tim


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What it costs LFL isn't relevant. LFL is out to make money just like MR/Corgi. If they think they can get more money from a new liscencee then it is their perogitive to do so. If they were publically held it would be expected.

cayman shen

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I'm all about the good old days when fans made sabers, but let's be honest, nobody will be able to make them like MR. They had access to professional equipment and original prop references. Having said that, my VD Yoda, russrep V2, and Graflex/Kenny Vader ROTJ are at least as satidfying to me as my MR sabers. In part, because I made them. But let's be honest, I would NEVER have a Dooku without MR, and I seriously doubt that anyone would have a Palpy. Some things fans can't do as well.

Having said that, bring on the fan-made Adi Gallia sabers and so forth!


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I'm all about the good old days when fans made sabers, but let's be honest, nobody will be able to make them like MR. They had access to professional equipment and original prop references.

While MR did make great sabers, I have to say that members here like Serafino and the projects like his prove this to not be 100% true. MR is a business, and businesses can be forced to make compromises in the details where as we can take the time, do the research, and choose to pay a little more for a better prop. There is always a way to get access to a prop for replication purposes, just takes longer sometimes ;)



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Very sad....Lets just hope that the next group that picks up where MR stops does as good a job on thier products.


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In the long list of bad moves... this is the cake taker.

Ill go ahead and say it now, but heres what Im going to post when they go under in less than 5 years...

"Only now, at the end do you understand."

Perfect quote Oldken :thumbsup

This is a major step back for MR IMHO. My vote is for QMx to pick up the license.
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Uber Fett

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As seen on MR's website:​
MasterReplicas.com is currently undergoing maintenance and will be back online soon.
Interestingly, today was the first day for the pre-order for the Cmdr. Gree bucket. So since you can't get into the website...I guess were fkd. SO much for the mini-helms. While they were only reproducing that which was already done by Riddell, I was hoping for Clone buckets, Tie Pilot, AT-AT pilot, etc..



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There is always a way to get access to a prop for replication purposes, just takes longer sometimes ;)


Maybe someone can "find" the ROTJ Vader reveal mask then and get that little project going...the only replica MR hinted at that ever really interested me and it never got anywhere. Interestingly, this replica was always at the top of Steve Dymszo's list when he was at MR and he was very vocal about his wish to bring it to market but alas he didn't have the influence within the company to make it happen. I can't vouch for or against QMx but I'm all but certain if SD were involved as a Star Wars licensee this particular prop would atleast stand a chance again of seeing the light of day and that would be good news indeed...:thumbsup


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I think the problem on QMX has been they are starting on small resoures and are just going through the beginning growth pangs. But given Steve D's work that really made MR what it was in the beginning, I would place my bets on him to be the one to really get a good SW prop franchise going again. The learning curve on that alone is quite tough and he knows all the internal issues as well the other issues that are presented for this undertaking.

Parks has acted like an A** with the fan base and his too pious attitude makes him a liability to any franchise. There are a few others that could make a go at it in the FX replacement line. It will be interesting to see how the future lays out.

Trip I can't believe you would even make that statement. Considering we still haven't seen some of their main products come out yet. Once we see a few good runs of product then I would agree with you. But we are still waiting for quite a few products to be actually released.


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All I ever wanted out of them was an ep1/2 Obi FX... :unsure

:cry WHY???

And yeah after they showed us pics of one at the end of last year. :unsure

Do they have a pattent on those style sabers?

will someone big pick that up?

And just who is as big of a prop replica company?

QMX? Rubies?

Who is as big as Corgi/MR?

Who will be able to pay what Corgi wont?

AND MM, If you think that because they sold less sabers than model cars so they dropped SW... what about trek? or ANY OTHER product MR makes...

Cause sales of non-sw stuff doesnt hold a candle to what they sold with them...

Some of you arent making much sense.

At this kind of logic Corgi shouldve never bought the damn company cause NO piece that MR makes will sell in the numbers of a Corgi car replica.

Or have I just seriously missed something?
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Well, my bank called and is happy about this! ;) I'm sure it's not settled yet and if it comes to pass maybe someone else will pick up the torch. But this might be the end of an era. :(


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this sucks.....

I was really looking forward to the Fett helmet, and looks like no Indy stuff from them either... Hopefully now they'll crank out more POTC replicas


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"Trip I can't believe you would even make that statement."

How? They are starting small. Steve D did start MR going and has to be one of the most familiar with doing so successfully. Since QMx is starting small, it would be tough for them. But if SD can again arrainge a financer like he did for MR, he could repeat history.

Totally a reasonable statement.

Tambo Fett

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Wow...now they have even pulled out of Celebration 4. I am interested in the Fett helmet, but after the clone deal I will not order one...I doubt they will make it out.

they did say this:
The following products will still be produced by Master Replicas before their license expires :

Mara Jade Lightsaber Limited Edition
Shadow Trooper Helmet (CS Exclusive)
Luke Ep. VI V2 Limited Edition
Boba Fett Helmet Limited Edition
Boba Fett Helmet Signature Edition

saw it over at rebelscum

The Manlet

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MR will be fine if they start pumping out the Marvel stuff.

If there marvel stuff is as bad as alot of there starwars items.. they wont last long at all.... I dont know about anyone else but after seeing there Spider man mask i dont have high hopes for any of there other marvel products.:sleep


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The Fett helm will be released. I've seen it and it's very nice.

The rest of that list and more are already in the pipe and will make it into the hands of fans and MR supporters before the deal expires.

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