Question About Displaying a Master Replicas Lightsaber in Sunlight


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I managed to acquire a brand new Master Replicas LE lightsaber that had been sealed for almost 20 years. It hasn't aged a bit and was surprised even the rubber on the hilt was in great shape. (I had heard that degrades.)

I don't normally do this, but space is limited these days. I currently have this in its display case on a shelf that's exposed to sunlight. It doesn't look like there's anything about the prop or the plaque that will fade from sun exposure, but I was curious if anyone else could share their experience with this? Should I move this to a safer spot?


MR SW-148.jpg
Nice score! I wouldn't display anything with direct sunlight exposure. Over time the display case will yellow and the T-tracks will deteriorate sooner rather than later. As well as the font on the plaque getting faded.
I agree, generally anything in constant direct sun light isn't good. I can tell you one thing that is definitely not good for the case, is halogen cabinet lights... Even clicking them on for a few minutes left 3" round halo ghosts in the top of several of mine.

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