Mass Effect 3: Subject Zero Genderbend (Slow WIP)


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Hey all!

About to start building a cosplay based on Jack's appearance in ME3, a character (and design) I absolutely love. Due to my inherent male-ness, I'll be genderbending her and, hopefully, achieving something like a mix of Subject Zero and Vaas from Far Cry 3. I've got about 3 months to work on this project between work and school before the first con of the season, which should be a decent amount of time. If you aren't familiar with Jack, here's a couple quick reference pics:
subj0.png subj0-4.png
The biggest changes will be in the top and the pants: the strapping will be replaced with a "wife-beater" tank (potentially cropped to just above the navel to keep with Jack's sex appeal?) and the pants will be missing the large, skin-showing gaps at her hip. Because of the slightly increased coverage, the tattoos should be much more manageable as well. Also notable is that my butt is not nearly so nice as hers.

First on the docket will be the jacket, which it looks like I'll be scratch-building. As this is only my third big cosplay and I've never worked in leather before, I'll probably stick with faux leather or the cheaper acrylic-paints-on-heavy-cotton tactic. Not sure if the arm detailing above and below the elbow is just a striped fabric or a "bunched" leather. Any advice would be more than welcome!


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Quick update:
The jacket pattern is complete! Not sure if this will be used to line the coat or just copy the pattern over. Regardless, this is how the top will vaguely be shaped:
Not sure how I feel about the cropped tank yet, but I'm very happy with the jacket, especially considering my minimal experience in drafting patterns. I'll be running to the craft store pretty soon to pick up about a yard of leather to get the jacket going in full force.
The earpieces are on their way as well! I've mostly stuck to Keevanski's tutorial on Youtube (which can be found at However, I've kept the nubs separate to be glued on after the large pieces are sanded smooth, which they need pretty badly at the moment. The clay I used is Premo Accents in antique gold.
Sorry for the super poor quality pictures, the only camera I have access to right now is outdated and my room is a wreck. (Artist at work, I suppose?)


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Been a while! I guess when I said "slow WIP" I wasn't kidding!
The ears are entirely completed and I've picked up the studs and pleather for the biker jacket. A friend of mine with quite a bit more experience and a fancier sewing machine will be helping me manage the faux leather, which is a relief! In the meantime, I've started onto Jack's lower half. First up are the knee guards.
This is the basic shape of them when they're laid out flat. They're made of craft foam sheets at the moment. What I think I'll do is double-layer both knees and then plastidip them to make sure they won't break or bend out of shape if they get bumped. (When they're wrapped around my leg, the lower vertical edges run parallel).

I bought about 2 ft. more pleather than I'll need for the jacket, which will be used to make the straps/wraps around her pants. As for the pants themselves, I'm ordering digital desert camo fabric from Army Surplus World, which looks super accurate! For ease and cohesiveness, the boots will be made from the same fabric, dyed a darker brown to match the source and even out the print a bit. Here's what I'm using for reference so you know what I'm rambling about:
Hopefully I'll have much more progress after this weekend!
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