Magneto and Mystique: First time post

To me, that really wasn't blackface. Blackface is not just a makeup job that allows you to appear as an African American. It was used mainly in vaudeville and minstrel shows and generally involved a performer painting his/her face black, with exaggerated red or white lips, and sometimes white circles around the eyes. It was used as an insulting caricature of blacks, similar to what you might see on some old product labels and collectibles.
It's still an area to tread carefully, but I don't think there's anything wrong with doing a good makeup job in order to portray a different race. I wasn't under the impression that Pokemon was trying to be insulting to anyone, just dressing as an internet meme he thought was funny. If I wanted to cosplay as Storm, the only way to be accurate would be to wear makeup that made my skin the right shade.
"Especially right after unwisely freaking out about an innocent costume contest." I suspect this may have more to do with it than anything. People are kind of on the edge after the way tempers flared, including Pokemon.
The Swastika is another area where you have to use caution. But some characters do wear them. If you're going as a comic-accurate Red Skull, you might feel your outfit is incomplete without one. You might want to think about your audience before you put one on your costume, but he is EVIL after all.
If there is another option for that character, by all means it is best to go with another version. There are so many other versions of Indy, that the German disguise is not your best option(even though I don't think he wore an actual Swastika, just an SS emblem on his collar).
But what about reenactors? You don't dress up as Hitler for a costume party, but in a WWII reenactment, someone has to portray the Nazis. My husband used to be a Civil War reenactor with his father, and although the Confederate flag is another symbol people are sensitive about, someone had to have it. My father-in-law wasn't a racist, but he portrayed a Confederate officer most of the time.
wow. Well said. Even though this thread has done a complete 180, these are still valid points. Black face is bad. Doing a Dodson meme impression is funny. But maybe I'm a little biased here. I have gotten a thicker skin over the years, but racial topics will always be easily debated. I think those that took offense need to take a step back and look from a different perspective. I see it as it wasn't meant to be targeted to a race, just one person who happened to be African-American.
But I digress....

I'm glad the Mystique costume took in second place. I voted for this costume, so I was hoping for first to be completely honest, so that's how much I appreciated the work that went into this project. :D
If I dressed up as the King of Zamunda from Coming to America, painted my face black (which I would) and got blasted for it, I'd LOL till I drop.

I totally agree that certain lines have to be drawn, but then there's going over the top too.

If I didn't think that way, I'd be mortally offended that all the Japanese Anime are mocking my eyes :rolleyes
I think those that took offense need to take a step back and look from a different perspective.

If that were true in practice, Mike Davis and I would never have been banned for being hilarious.

People are going to be offended by what they're offended by, and people saying, "take a step back and look at it from a different perspective" has never worked once in the sum total of human history.
Yeah. It was more of a strong suggestion than a statement. But yeah even I've been offended from your comments and that's not easy to do. :lol
So I had to follow my own mantra. Too bad it has to be this way.
Nope, just drama and some great looking photos. You can see this years second place winner for the women in the respective thread if you missed it.
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