Magneto and Mystique: First time post

yeah... moving on.

very impressed by the xmen costumes, not sure who the above one is meant to be?

I think he's supposed to be a guy that got famous for a news clip or something. I don't find it all that offensive personally. Anyhow I still think the Mystique and Magneto costumes are really well done.
I'm not personally offended, but I do think a 'blackface' costume is in VERY poor taste, and a poor decision to share on such a big website.

But, to each his own.
I'm not personally offended, but I do think a 'blackface' costume is in VERY poor taste, and a poor decision to share on such a big website.

James, that was pretty much my exact reaction when I saw it, too. :thumbsup

What might be "cool" or "ok" around your friends at a Halloween party doesn't necessarily mean that everyone will be ok with it...especially since we have so many unique visitors (over 1 million last month), and this is open for all to see.
I am not sorry to say that I personally find your costume here not funny not cool not clever and more than HIGHLY OFFENSIVE. As the father to my 5 year old mixed race son. I feel the need and I want to say that racism of any kind is not appropriate, not welcomed (by me) and not necessary. Between this and your tactics that you pulled in the Costume thread. I have to say as far as I am concerned you no longer exist on this site. You have now been added to my ignore user list. I really find it a shame that ignoring your posts from now to whenever you end up getting yourself banned is the only avenue of action that I have.

Steven "Captain America" Rogers.

Thanks fellas! I appreciate the compliments.
We've pretty much decided her costume for this coming year, Were gonna get started on it soon, cuz its gonna take a ****load of time. Believe me though, its gonna be sick! Im super cited for it. :thumbsup

In the mean time enjoy my last year's halloween costume. It's one of my personal favorites.

Wow, buddy, I've moved on past what happened, apparently you have not, do you care to share why that is?

In case you are wondering, I was this guy.
Antoine Dodson Remix: Bed Intruder Song w/ Lyrics - Newest Version! 9/5/11 - YouTube
someone needs to keep up on their pop culture
people here need to loosen up.

Wow. Really? This coming from the same guy who posted the following:

***** ****** how many times do I have to say this, it has nothing to do with winning, I've entered many contests and played sports in many tournaments and have lost, ALOT. I have no qualms with losing In any event that I smelled foul play I have been very vocal about it. 30 votes in 2 hours? You mother ****ers think nothing about that? 1/5 of her votes happened in the last 2 hours, hmm seems a little odd to me. Either she cheated or she found a ****in gold mine of people to vote for her. I guess I was wrong about you guys then, we don't think alike. I'm done talking about this ****. Peace out.

Physician, heal thyself.
I thought it was funny and 2 of my kids are bi-racial. I have 4 biological and foster kids so does me thinking it was funny make me a bad person or one of poor taste? Hell no just means my butt isn't as puckered up.
Mimicking another race is seen as bad taste. And yet blonds can be mimicked by dye-jobs, who call themselves blonds, and then badmouth blonds. Thousands of times, everyday, everywhere, on every TV show and movie.

Anyway, The Mystique is a fantastique movie level effort. Just making all the parts and applying them is mind boggling. Too bad you couldn't put it on like a dress. Zing.
And I hate to say it guys, but my experiences on this forum have not been very pleasant. I sported this halloween costume last year and all I got was complements and praise at a university party, where there is tons of people from different races. I share it here and everyone critiques it, and tries to give me a lecture on being ethnically moral. I tried giving this forum a chance, but I enjoy the outside world much better. Those that went out of my way to be my friend I appreciate it. if any of you wanna keep in touch and see our costume in the future, send me a message and I'll send you my facebook. Catch all yall later.
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Well it's not very professional. You did have a white coat ceremony. (that's not a question, that's a statement) part of that is your vow to act as one in all aspects of society including this one.

While your friends may not see a problem, there are those here that do, and that makes it questionable.

As a fellow dental professional I'm appalled at your clear lack of understanding. And while this might not go directly against any of the core ADA principles, I'm glad I'm not one of your patients
Well, I'm disappointed.

I wasn't personally offended, just concerned because I do consider it poor taste. But that's my opinion.

I thought your X-Men costumes were amazing, I was looking forward to seeing more costumes- you have real skill.

I've had thin skin over the years sometimes in situations. I'm sorry this is the reason it sounds like you're leaving.
I don't see where this is any worse than a costume that has a swastika. I bet it would suck to be accused of wrong doing just based on what you thought to be harmless.
I don't see where this is any worse than a costume that has a swastika. I bet it would suck to be accused of wrong doing just based on what you thought to be harmless.

Personally, I think wearing any costume with a swastika is in poor taste as well. It's a free country, people can do as they please, I just find it insensitive, especially when there are so many other costumes out there to make.

People have every right to make any costume they please, I would never censor anyone or tell them they 'can't' make whatever they want. But you have to be willing to face the reactions and consequences of your choices.

Is a blackface costume in poor taste ? Depends who you ask.
Ask Robert Downy Jr. Actors have dressed as white people as well. That's all I'll say on the matter.
The flaw with that is the expectation of the audience. Actors get a bit of a pass, but you might remember that even Ted Danson couldn't get away with blackface while dating Whoopie Goldberg in the context of a Friar's Roast.

But some dork in college posting a pic of himself as a YouTube meme guy that many, many people haven't heard of is just asking for trouble. Especially right after unwisely freaking out about an innocent costume contest.

Open registration has done this; when you had to wait for registration to open, you read the threads and saw who was who and what was acceptable within the bounds of the community; you got your feet wet just reading even if you didn't realize it. So when you registered, you already knew the waters.

Any swinging dick can just start posting now and it's 100% odds of ruffling someone's feathers.
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