Limited Run Macrobinoculars belt clips in stainless steel


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Just bumping this for people to see,
I'm very thankful to the people that bought the clips right away, you are awesome guys!
however, after a month, I have only sold a third of the clips I made and 5 people that signed up here haven't bought a clip yet, I hope we can turn this around and avoid this project being a loss :oops:
as always, if you have questions, I'm always happy to chat, so don't hesitate :)


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thanks Tom :)
for the records, I'm not angry or anything! just worried that if people on interest threads don't buy when objects are released, i might have to figure out something different than my "no money upfront for customers ever" approach, and this is something that I really don't want to do :)


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You should. I am not saying anyone here on this run is doing this, but people constantly say they are interested and then bail on runs. Stuff comes up, job loss, etc.. Sometimes they change their mind, or did not think it through.

Maybe deposits. You're well established and trusted. I would have no problem paying up front or a deposit.


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Bumping for interest,
as a reminder from the other threads as well, I'm now offering all of that in stock and ready to ship :)

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