Mace Windu saber dimensions/blueprint?


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Hiya gang,

Since it looks like finding a resin cast of a Windu will be difficult, I'm seriously thinking of scratch-building one.

Are there any blueprints flying around? If not, would someone be willing to take some measurements of theirs? I've got pretty good photos so if I can get some basic values (length, width, a could of the details) then I'll be able to gauge the rest.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


/Joe F


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Originally posted by Primrodo@Jan 11 2006, 12:21 AM
Why can't he make his own?
Indeed. Let the man take joy in the crafting process and pride in the fruits of his labor rather than simply throwing money at it. Why not settle for the MR? Why settle when he has the skill, time, tools, materials, and inclination to make what he wants the way he wants it.

{William Wallace style death cry}
{/William Wallace style death cry}

Okay... perhaps a little melodramatic, but you get the idea.


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I'm doing the AOTC version. I would have bought the MR version but I'm not plonking down 500+ dollars on a prop right now.

Also, I enjoy the challenge of making it myself and I wanted to try out some different chrome paints (Plasti Cote and a couple of others). I just got done with my Luke ROTJ scratch-build and before that I did a SS (new series) Viper scratch-build (you may have seen it in the Studio Scale forum).

At first I just wanted to pick up a resin casting for a few bucks to try the paints but it looks like finding one will be hard, so my brain started nagging me about doing it myself.

Heh... yesterday I though of a possible way to do the patterns in the rubber grips involving wire, two steel plates and an iron.