M56 Smartgun... Again but with a difference?


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So I am embarking on something fairly challenging and I expect to achieve moderate success, despite my admittedly limited experience. I will still make this attempt and whatever comes out the other end, as long as it works in some fashion, I shall take as a success!

With that said, I am trying to build an M56 Smartgun lookalike.

The reason I say lookalike is because it has to be a functioning device based on the workings of a Nerf gun so that it still fires little foam projectiles. Because of the fun I have had a conventions with mock poses when cosplaying sometimes need a little more action and what better than a live fire exercise? I have a large variety of donors to begin the process and have selected something suitable from the armoury to start with although depending on build it may change.

What I am looking for is some measurements, plans, pepkura layouts whatever you guys who have already built one might have handy for the MG42 core and the AR125 hangers. Hopefully I can build something closely resembling the original design but I have no doubt some sections will be oversized due to the pats I have to involve or guts to be inserted into scratchbuilt parts.

I've bookmarked alot of the build threads here now which have been fantastic in making me believe its possible so all help and advise gratefully received!
The journey has begun! I have made contact with a local group who offer maker-space where I can indulge in the larger sections of this project and they are very supportive, offering ideas on where to start and proceed. What I need to find now are some more specific measurements for parts to start making planes and layouts to get parts manufactured or blanked to test materials for them.

Is there anyone who has been been through process that is able to offer some help with the MG42 ans AR125 peg hangers, whether its some general measurements or blueprints or links please?
I'm smack dab in the middle of an airsoft Smartgun build using original hangers. I'll try to get you some general measurements for you tonight.
Hopefully these pics are helpful to you (and any others that are ambitious enough to try and scratch build these!).
Good luck, have fun, and look forward to seeing what you come up with.

Also, forgot to snap a pic of overall length of the entire gun, but I read 122cm/48inches. Sounds about right to me

Brilliant, sir! That picture series should be excellent for recreating replicas for this project and the overall size sounds about right too, add a flash hider/muzzle and it'll end up the 50! some sources cite as the complete length. Think I'll start with some MDF blanks but if thend up too heavy I'll look into casting or forming from another material.

Have to start on measuring up a receiver body then working out the barrel length so the firing action remains working as from the original its about double the length and geting foam darts down it might prove difficult. Friction and interference are a Nerfers worst enemy when it comes down to it...
That piece in the picture (the motorbike foot peg bracket) might be cheaper and less hassle to just pick up from a wreckers if you have one near you. I think there are a few motorbike bits on the Smartgun so could be worth looking into...
Those are Kawasaki AR125 peg hangers from the 80's so not super easy to get hold of, even in the UK. I have had a look but at around £30 each its a little much for a convention piece that will likely get knocked around a bit with each use. Suzuki handgrips fore and brake lever aft won't be so hand to similar parts so got my eyes open with a few biker buddies in their spares boxes.
So nearly 2 weeks of research and making sure I know what I'm trying to achieve, where I have to give in to materials and mechanics or make amends with it looking like but not replicate exactly. Its going to be tough building a body and receiver that resembles an MG42 but will accept the Nerf gubbins from the original gun, measuring mounting points and trying to find a way to build that in so it stays still when in action.

Not too mention the physics of getting a 2 inch foam dart down a 2 foot copper tube without fouling...

Wish I knew about 3D modelling on a computer but I'm pretty much behind the curve on that kind of software and free apps online are not fantastic at helping newbies learn about structures!
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