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Hey so I’m kind of stuck in a rut here. I’m working on trying to get a Luke V2 with the accurate way of getting a spinning emitter. Now I have seen halliwax’s video where he takes an Anakin Starkiller’s old builders kit and grinds off the threads and slides it into the the neck and holds it in place with the nipple, nipple screws, and drive shaft. And he says that according to Brandon the now current owner of the real V2 that is actually how the emitter is in real life. The gaffers tape was used of course to stop the spinning. The thing is I’ve never held one of those hilts the builders kits or a DSV2 (if the DSV2s are made identical to the builders kits). And I might never will. I do think if I remember correctly the builders kits were made only for static builds. But I’m trying to find something especially the way the emitter head is if it’s all one piece with only just removing the nipple. I’m trying my to find a Luke V2 hilt that made almost exactly like that most likely the emitter head. So that way I can do what halliwax did in the video. For me I don’t really care about FX. Static build is perfectly fine with me. Especially with this prop. I just can’t think of anyone else that does something like that especially if the emitter head is all one solid piece with the removable nipple plug

(Pic of halliwax’s video for reference)


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I know this is an old thread, but RPK Customs' latest run is exactly what you described. Static, with the spinning emitter.

Also the Solo's Hold V2 comes with a piece to make it have a spinning emitter, however adding this piece stops you from mounting electronics inside the emitter, so it makes it static for all intents and purposes.

I'd personally recommend RPKs new V2 run though. It's intended to be static so the weight is correct. It uses a steel rod and is bored out inside to accommodate a motor if you wanted to add one. I was able to pick up one of his pre-painted and finished kits and I'm super impressed with it.

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