luke rotj

  1. C

    DS2 V2 Luke ROTJ hilt

    Here is the latest Luke ROTJ V2 offering from Anakin Starkiller in collaboration with Halliwax. Everything from the original run is included and pictured, including vintage wader stud, replica Graflex clamp and lever, replica Michell cone knob, and replica d-ring. Unboxed for inspection and...
  2. linkthejedi

    Luke Skywalker RotJ screen accurate glove

    Whats the best place to get a screen accurate black RotJ glove for Luke?
  3. Welsh Pirate

    The Antihero - Custom Luke v2 finishing

    So I finally coughed up the dough to one of Roman's gorgeous steel v2's. Beauty shot: So I have to be honest; as much as I'm a fan of the v2's form, I'm not crazy about the paint job. So, I'm going to do an idealized version. At first I thought about giving it the color scheme of the hero, but...
  4. BRRogers

    Magic of Myth ( MoM ) Luke RotJ Hero ( cave build ) lightsaber research, images, reference, & collaborative model builder's discussion.

    Hi guys and welcome, this thread has been going for over two years and we've made so many discoveries! Thank you! The mission of this thread is to research, discuss, and enjoy the most thorough examination of the Luke ROTJ Hero Lightsaber as it exists in its current state. Many recognize...